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Some dieters suffer from an underactive thyroid. This condition can lead to weight gain. While there are prescription medications and treatments to boost thyroid function, some dieters choose to treat the condition naturally. Natural Max ThyroBurn is a thyroid stimulating supplement with only a few ingredients. We found no clinical trials listed for any of the ingredients or the formula as a whole. If the supplement were to boost thyroid function, there should be testimonials and before and after photos supporting weight loss claims, but this is not the case. The price of Natural Max ThyroBurn is much lower than other fat burners, but only one of the ingredients is actually proven to have positive effects on weight loss and that ingredient has nothing to do with the thyroid.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Sea Vegetable Blend: Kelp, Dulse, Sea Cucumber and Sea Plant.

Thyroid Substance, L-Glutathione, Guggul, L-Tyrosine and Ashwagandha Root.

Product Features

The Proprietary Sea Vegetable Blend includes several vegetables with iodine. Iodine is supposed to regulate thyroid function and may even boost an underactive thyroid. If the dieter is suffering from a thyroid condition, it is best to seek professional medical advice before taking a supplement to boost thyroid. If a dieter has normal thyroid function, these sea vegetables will have no effect on either the thyroid or weight loss.

Thyroid substance is derived from a bovine source. We have no idea what this ingredient is because the “substance” is not named. Dieters should never take a supplement with an ambiguous ingredient.

L-Glutathione is an antioxidant. Antioxidants do not directly promote weight loss though they do fight free radical damage associated with increased metabolism. Guggul is thought to increase the function of the thyroid. It may also help promote healthy cholesterol levels.

L-Tyrosine is a natural substance known to reduce blood pressure. This ingredient is commonly included in fat burners to counteract the effect of stimulants. Natural Max ThyroBurn does not contain any stimulants.

Ashwagandha root is a mood stabilizer that may reduce anxiety and stress. Typically, dieters follow a weight loss program for a week or two then they start to grow anxious if weight loss is not what they expected. Ashwagandha root may help relieve this anxiety.

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  • All ingredients are listed for Natural Max ThyroBurn.
  • At least one ingredient is proven to promote healthy weight loss.


  • No proven fat burners are included in the formula.
  • There are no appetite suppressants in Natural Max ThyroBurn.
  • The formula is designed for dieters with an underactive thyroid.


Not all dieters have an underactive thyroid so this supplement caters to a very small portion of the population. The average dieter will see no weight loss benefits from this supplement.

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