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Natural Model is a Chinese weight loss supplement that is on the FDA’s list of 72 banned products, because of the inclusion of a prescription ingredient that is not listed on the label. The ingredient, sibutramine was only available by prescription in the United States, and was used as an appetite suppressant, but has since been determined to be unhealthy. The fact that the product claimed to be all natural, and hid this in the ingredients lead the FDA to ban it, and the chemical is no longer made in the United States.

List of Ingredients

Natural Model contains several ingredients such as: Wild konjac, Cassia Seed, Tuckahoe, Fagopyrum tataricum, Lotus Leaf, etc, but the one that causes the problem is not on the label, and it is sibutramine.

Product Features

Natural Model is a Chinese made “all natural” weight loss supplement that claims to be ideal for both men and women, designed to help them burn more fat, and eat less, to help them reach their weight loss goals. While it could very well be effective, the problem lies in the fact that it features an ingredient that is not listed on the label. The ingredient, sibutramine, is known to cause negative side effects, and at the time the pill was released, was only available by prescription only in the United States. Now, the ingredient is no longer made and is banned. If you are taking this supplement, we advise you to stop right now, and if you see this product available for sale, we advise you to avoid it because the product is not supposed to be sold in the country.

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  • Natural Model has no known advantages.


  • Natural Model is banned by the FDA.
  • This product contains ingredients not listed on the product label.
  • This product is not supposed to be sold in the United States, but we could still find it for sale online.
  • Sibutramine has been shown to cause many negative side effects, including heart issues, and stroke.


Natural Model is not a product you should consider trying at all, for any reason. The fact that it is banned carries enough risk, because just having it could get you in trouble, but the reason why it is banned is serious enough to deter most people from using it. Just because it claims to be all natural, does not mean it is. There are plenty of other, safer, effective weight loss supplements that contain appetite suppressants and fat burners to help you lose weight, without terrible risks to your health. These supplements also contain natural ingredients, but they are honest about what is in the pill. For the best results, any diet supplement should be combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

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