Natural R-Lipoic Acid Review

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What You Should Know

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Genceutic Naturals creates a line of supplements that are all-natural and free from all chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides. This is the claim to fame for the company and little other information is offered on any supplement. We did find some health benefits listed for the Natural R-Lipoic Acid, but none were backed up with links to clinical research outside of the Genceutic Naturals website. While listing research studies is important, it is more important to include external links so the reader can verify the company had no part in the research or findings.

Customers can order products from Genceutic Naturals, including Natural R-Lipoic Acid, from the official website. There are no free trials for the product nor are there any money-back guarantees. Testimonials are often listed, but rarely include any tangible evidence the supplement improves health.

List of Ingredients

Sodium, Stabilized Na-RALA (source of R-Lipoic Acid).

Product Features

The research study links included for Natural R-Lipoic Acid include general information on the product and a reference listing Natural R-Lipoic Acid as an antioxidant. We know this product works to fight free radicals, as is the case for all antioxidants, but whether or not the user needs more antioxidant support will depend upon lifestyle choices. Antioxidants are marketed as being highly important for overall health. This is true, but the body makes most of the antioxidants needed to maintain health. In severe circumstances, antioxidants may not be high enough to fight free radicals, but this is a rare case.

If too many antioxidants are taken, they can interfere with the work oxidants do in the body. Oxidants dilate blood vessels, as needed for normal functions throughout the body. Antioxidants are produced by the body as needed. When supplements are taken, the natural balance can offset, erring on the side of the antioxidant. This is important for people who smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol because these habits can raise free radical levels and thus more antioxidants are needed.

At times, metabolism can also increase free radicals. In these cases, more antioxidants like Natural R-Lipoic Acid are also needed. However, if the dieter is taking green tea for weight loss, they may already be supplementing with enough antioxidants to maintain a healthy balance.

Genceutic Naturals Natural R-Lipoic Acid sells for $49.99. That is an expensive antioxidant when there are many others that work similarly in the body for much less.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the Genceutic Naturals website.
  • Dieters can help balance antioxidant/oxidant levels with the supplement.
  • Online ordering is supported.


  • Not all dieters need antioxidant support.
  • Oxidants have a healthy function in the body.


Natural R-Lipoic Acid is too expensive for the benefits when there are plenty of other antioxidants that sell for less.

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