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Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules Review - Does This Diet Pill Really Work? Are FDA warning and lack of real results deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0


A diet product’s worth depends on whether it actually helps people lose weight. Let’s find out if Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules actually works. We did some extensive research and created a comprehensive review, focusing closely on the side effects, ingredients, scientific studies and overall customer service. Furthermore, we looked at hundreds of user comments posted online. At this point we compressed all the facts and feedback we found to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

First off, Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules is a weight-loss supplement that contains bamboo shoot, xian xian cao, mulberry leaf extract, lotus leaf, Jobs tears, artmisia dracunculus and psyllium husk. You only need to to take it once per day. The purpose is to suppress appetite all day long, increase fat loss and target fatty areas such as the stomach, upper arms, legs and waist. You can potentially shed up to 2-5 pounds per week.

This weight-loss supplement was released in 2013 and can be purchased online for $18. Some natural plant extracts are used in Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules and no special diet or exercise plan is required with this product, but read on…

FDA Warning – “Uh Oh?”

The first thing that concerned us with Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules ingredients was that one may not be safe. According to our Research Editor, “There was a public FDA warning posted in 2013 that states Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules contains a hidden drug. It is sibutramine, which is a controlled substance that was pulled from the market back in 2010. It can lead to high blood pressure and even more significant problems in people with heart conditions.”

One customer stated, “These gave me intestinal pains. Did not like them.”

“Abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. Not taking them again,” said another user.

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No Real Results – “Bad Thing”

We were unable to find any solid science or support for Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules. Check out what this customer said, “Definitely not good for weight-loss. More trips to the bathroom maybe, but not weight-loss.”

Another user commented, “Did not lose anything. Took these pills for one month.”

The research we’ve conducted has shown if there is some certain facet of a weight-loss product that is very troublesome (FDA warning, pills that make you jittery, no real science) the chances of prolonged success are not very good. This means if Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules does fail to produce real results in a lot of people, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – “Proven?”

The official website that sells Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules does mention that the ingredients used are totally natural, which is good to see. However, there is no documentation of clinical studies or real science. Since we at DietSpotlight need to see published research that backs up the weight-loss claims, we’re not sure about giving this one the thumb up.

The Bottom Line – Does Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules Work?

So, are we already in the car heading to the store? Some dieters will like that Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules only needs to be taken once daily, which is convenient. But, you should not overlook the FDA warning. Furthermore, we did not see any potent ingredients that aid with real fat loss.

Those who wish to get fit and drop serious fat, we advise you to select a diet formula that is supported by actual clinical research and does not have an FDA warning or negative customer reviews.

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How Does Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules Compare?

Previous Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules Review (Updated June 4, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Sometimes weight loss pills sound too good to be true. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss is not always really fast. For instance, dropping 10 pounds in 10 days is very extreme. In fact, it is not very realistic. The weight lost is likely just waste and retained water, and not real body fat. In other words, this is not long-term weight loss. This brings us to the dietary supplement we are going to scrutinize in this review. It is Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules. You will find this supplement online for around $8 per bottle. It is marketed specifically at women. Ingredients:
  • Xian xian cao
  • Jobsters
  • Artimisia dracunculus
  • Psyllium husk
  • Bamboo shoot
  • Lotus leaf
  • Mulberry leaf extract

Product Features

Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules are claimed to help you drop eight pounds in only one week. This supplement is touted as a 100 percent natural “herbal” slimming formula. It contains natural ingredients, and may help increase your energy levels. Each bottle comes with a factory seal and anti-counterfeit code. There is no exercise program recommended with Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules, and no special diet is required. As for the herbal ingredients found in Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules, they include Xian Xian Cao, Jobsters, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Artimisia Dracunculus, Lotus Leaf, Psyllium Husk, and Bamboo Shoot. These herbs work together to help flush out the colon and bladder. Therefore you might experience more frequent trips to the restroom when taking this diet pill. Unfortunately there are no proven fat-burners mentioned for this supplement. Some people may experience abdominal discomfort when taking Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules.

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  • The ingredients used in Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules are natural.
  • This product may help increase your energy levels.


  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee provided with this diet supplement.
  • One user complained that this product caused extreme constipation.
  • Very minimal data is provided on this supplement.
  • Some people complained that Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules do not work.
  • There are more promising weight loss products available.


There is very little information provided on Natural Slimming Dr. Mao Slimming Capsules. This factor alone is enough to deter many dieters. This supplement is probably manufactured in China, and certainly promises major weight loss in a short amount of time. However, the weight loss you experience is mostly just waste and water loss. Ingredients like Psyllium Husk cause this weight reduction. In other words, this product is not the best choice for real fat loss. It makes more sense to find a diet pill that helps burn off fat, while suppressing food cravings.

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