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What You Should Know

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Natural Ways Alpha Greens is a detoxing supplement created from grass and greens. According to the product description, the ingredients promote a healthy body by purifying and cleansing the body, including the blood. The company lists all ingredients in the formula. Consumers can also order the product from the website. The detailed product description includes a list of vitamins supplied by the ingredients in Natural Ways Alpha Greens.

List of Ingredients

Alfalfa Grass Juice, Alfalfa Leaf Powder, Wheat Grass Juice, Barley Grass Juice and Kamut Grass Juice.

Product Features

Nearly every movie in the 1980s showed someone cutting, juicing and drinking various grasses. Grass is a healthy source of vitamin A, K, B, D and E. Most grasses used for juicing contain iron, potassium and phosphorus, healthy additions to any diet, but they do not have cleansing powers.

Taking a close look at the product description for Natural Ways Alpha Greens, we find a detailed alkaline diet recommendation. According to the recommendation, dieters need to consume 75 to 80-percent alkaline foods and only 20 to 25-percent acid foods. We are unsure if this is a healthy suggestion or a requirement for taking Alpha Greens.

Alpha Greens are non-pasteurized. The product could have a shorter than average shelf life. Natural Ways claims pasteurization is skipped to preserve the “live” quality of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. We understand the enzymes, but vitamins and minerals are not alive.

Alpha Greens must be mixed with apple juice and water before taking the supplement two times every day. There is no mention of how long the dieter needs to take the supplement before seeing positive, detoxing results.

Natural Ways Alpha Greens sell for $22.46. There are no links to clinical data or research studies backing up any of the claims for this product. While greens are healthy, we doubt the company would be able to find a link between cleansing and green powder and juice.

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  • All ingredients are easily located in the product description.
  • The ingredients are generally considered safe for daily use.
  • A greens supplement may be less expensive than home juicing.


  • No clinical research to support claims.
  • No testimonials from previous customers.
  • The fine print states claims have never been validated with scientific research.


Natural Ways Alpha Greens is a phenomenal source of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. We did not find the support we were looking for in terms of clinical proof the supplement would cleanse the body and blood. There are many Chinese supplements making the same claims with ingredients backed by clinical research. Dieters will not see increased weight loss from taking this supplement. Green tea is the only proven green for weight loss.

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