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What You Should Know

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Bee Pollen is commonly used in alternative medicine to treat and prevent allergy symptoms. Bee pollen is also thought to have anti-stress properties. There is no doubt that bee pollen is a healthy superfood that includes enzymes, vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. Natural Ways Bee Pollen contains multiple ingredients to support endurance and make you feel great, according to the product description.

Natural Ways lists all ingredients with a concise description. While online ordering is supported, we could not find any testimonials from previous customers or links to clinical research supporting product claims. There are references on some products to research studies, but we have no idea where these studies are published.

List of Ingredients

Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Propolis.

Product Features

Natural Ways Bee Pollen contains 500 mg of bee pollen, containing more than 1000 enzymes and other healthy vitamin, nutrients and minerals. It is also known as a strong antioxidant. There are no elements of bee pollen proven to increase energy or endurance.

Royal jelly is the food of the queen bee. The product description does into a detailed analogy between the power royal jelly gives the queen bee and the benefits for humans. There is no connection between the two. A bee’s digestive system is far different from that of a human, not to mention the fact that queen bees live only five years. Royal jelly causes the queen bee to grow larger than worker bees, as mentioned by Natural Ways, this could be a negative aspect for a dieter trying to be smaller.

Ginseng is generally considered safe and effective for increased mental clarity and acuity. It stimulates the brain and memory. Natural Ways Bee Pollen is supposed to give women extra energy thanks to ginseng, but that is not a proven benefit of this ingredient.

Propolis has antibiotic properties. These properties are good for overall health, but they will not increase endurance or energy.

Natural Ways Bee Pollen sells for $15.71. The price is lower than comparable bee pollen supplements.

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  • The consumer can read a list of ingredients with descriptions.
  • Natural Ways Bee Pollen is sold through the manufacturer.


  • The product descriptions are biased to support the supplement.
  • No clinical links or outside links for more information on the ingredients are listed.
  • Natural Ways does not list testimonials for any products.
  • No free trial offer is available.


Natural Ways Bee Pollen is not going to boost energy and endurance as claimed. Often, manufacturers will list a health benefit that is unproven to boost sales and this seems to be the case for Natural Ways Bee Pollen. That does not mean the supplement is without benefit, just without the benefits most important to dieters.

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