Natural Ways CarbMate Phase 2 Review

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Natural Ways CarbMate Phase 2 is carb blocker that claims to “neutralize” up to 2,800 calories consumed from carbohydrates. If a dieter is eating 2,800 calories in carbohydrates, this product will not help them lose weight. Most carb blockers include a white bean extract that prevents carbohydrates from breaking into tiny pieces for extended digestion. This means the carbohydrates are digested faster, but that does not equate to blocking all calories from carbohydrates.

Natural Ways offers a complete list of ingredients and a description of each ingredient and possible effects the ingredient has on weight loss. Consumers can purchase provides from the website.

List of Ingredients

Phaseolus Vulgaris, Chromium, Trace Minerals and Prebiotics.

Product Features

Phaseolus vulgaris is the white bean extract clinically proven to inhibit the break down of carbohydrates. While there is clinical research backing the claims of decreased carbohydrate metabolism, this does not equate to blocking nearly 3,000 carbohydrate calories. The idea behind weight loss is to reduce caloric intake, so eating that many carbohydrates simply means the dieter is looking for a quick fix, which never works in weight loss.

Chromium may help control blood glucose levels leading to reduced hunger. Carbohydrate metabolism causes glucose levels to rise and subsequently fall. The fall causes hunger because the body wants more easy energy. Hunger is typically in the form of sugar cravings and sugar is an empty source of calories that can lead to weight gain. Eating more sugar also causes the same rise and fall effect that caused hunger in the first place. Chromium is a proven ingredient.

Prebiotics help support a healthy digestive system. While there is no real link between prebiotics and weight loss, digestive system health is important to digesting food properly and getting food waste out of the body before the body can absorb too many calories. Bad eating habits can kill off healthy bacteria in the intestines and supplementing with healthy bacteria is a great way to restore balance and bowel regularity.

Natural Ways CarbMate Phase 2 sells for $29.96 per bottle. This is a comparable price to other carb blocking supplements. The weight loss result will be minimal at best, and will not compare to the potential weight loss with proven ingredients like green tea and caffeine.

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  • Ingredients are listed for CarbMate Phase 2.
  • White kidney bean may inhibit break down of some carbohydrates.
  • Chromium may stave off hunger.
  • May help control blood glucose levels.


  • Will not stimulate metabolism.
  • Hunger control is only one part of weight loss.
  • Will not block nearly 3,000 carbohydrate calories.


Carb blockers do not work as well as supplement companies claim. If a dieter wants to try a carb blocker in combination with a healthy, lower carbohydrate diet, chances are a bit of weight loss will occur, but that bit may not be noticeable for many days.

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