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Energizing Tea from Natural Ways is a liquid supplement taken to improve general health and boost energy. We found no tea in the ingredient list, which means the name is a bit misleading. We did find stimulants that could cause a long list of negative side effects, including jitters and nausea. Natural Ways lists all ingredients in Energizing Tea and even describes the benefits of these ingredients. We did not find clinical proof listed for any of the ingredients, which means the manufacturer could list any benefits they like.

List of Ingredients

Chinese Licorice, Chinese Blackberry, Bitter Orange, Lo Han Kuo, Chinese Kudzu, Astragalus, Schisandra, Siberian Ginseng and Panax Ginseng.

Product Features

The description for Panax Ginseng claims the ingredient increases energy. Ginseng is typically associated with improving memory and mental clarity. From that angle, the ingredient is proven to have some positive benefit, but the dieter will not feel a significant boost in energy.

Siberian ginseng works in much the same way as panax ginseng. This ingredient is listed as having diuretic properties. Diuretics force out water weight which can foll the dieter into believing they are losing weight when they are actually just losing water.

Schiasandra works to counteract the diuretic effect of siberian ginseng. It may also help control diarrhea, but that is not a common problem when dieting.

Astragalus has diuretic effects and may decrease blood pressure. The description claims the ingredient is used in Chinese medicine to improve metabolism, but there is no proof this ingredient will improve weight loss.

Chinese kudzu has some clinical support for controlling blood glucose levels in animal studies, but not all animal studies reveal a human benefit. May help prevent headache. It is commonly used to stop alcohol cravings when recovering from alcoholism.

Lo han kuo relaxes the digestive tract. This ingredient could be used to improve digestion of other ingredients.

Bitter orange is the stimulant that will boost energy and metabolism. The active ingredient is synephrine, commonly used in the dieting industry. Synephrine supporters claim it has the same effect as Ephedra, but that is not the case. Clinically studies prove it increases heart rate and energy, but the effect on metabolism that causes weight loss is not proven.

Chinese blackberry has anti-inflammatory effects. Chinese licorice is used as an expectorant which could mean it also increases heart rate. Ephedra is also used as an expectorant.

Energizing Tea sells for $22.46 per bottle.

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  • All ingredients are listed with descriptions.


  • Bitter orange may cause increased heart rate.


This supplement does not contain any tea, so the dieter should beware that green tea, a proven weight loss ingredient, is not included in the ingredient list. Energizing tea is not really a tea at all. Bitter orange may increase heart rate enough to boost energy, but weight loss will not be a positive benefit.

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