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Natural Ways Glutamine Plus is a combination of L-glutamine and fiber. The company offers only a brief description of Glutamine Plus. There are no reviews, testimonials or clinical research referenced in the product description. Including fiber as part of the supplement could have a negative effect on absorption, as fiber is a laxative that often speeds up waste elimination preventing proper absorption. L-glutamine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in the body. The only reason the diet would require supplementation of L-glutamine would be during intense exercise or bodybuilding.

List of Ingredients

L-glutamine and Fiber.

Product Features

L-glutamine is used during protein synthesis, injury recovery and recovery from illness. In most cases, more than enough of this amino acid is consumed from food or naturally produced in the body so supplementation is only required in special circumstances.

Natural Ways Glutamine Plus packs 11 grams of fiber with each serving of L-glutamine. Fiber is a laxative that should not be taken at the same time as other supplements. Even psyllium fiber warns consumers to take the product two hours before or after taking prescription medications and other supplements due to reduced absorption. Packing fiber with L-glutamine means the body will move the supplement out of the body faster before the L-glutamine can be absorbed.

Due to the small number of people who need to take an L-glutamine supplement, this product is aimed at a very small portion of the population. Consuming more L-glutamine does not lead to improved health unless there are other circumstances, like healing from an injury, that requires additional amounts of the amino acid.

Glutamine Plus sells for $26.21 per 43 servings. There is no mention of how many servings are suggested per day so this could be less than a one-month supply.

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  • May improve healing.
  • Ingredients are listed on the Natural Ways website.
  • Consumers can purchase the product from Natural Ways.
  • L-glutamine may improve energy levels for athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Glutamine plus supplies 11 grams of fiber per serving.


  • Fiber will reduce the amount of L-glutamine absorbed.
  • Not every consumer needs L-glutamine.
  • No reviews or testimonials.
  • The product description is very small.
  • No suggested dosage instructions.
  • The product is just an expensive fiber supplement.


Taking L-glutamine is not necessary for improved weight loss or health, for most people. The only sector of the population that needs L-glutamine supplementation are bodybuilders and athletes or those recovery from illness or injury. Fiber affects the amount of L-glutamine absorbed from the supplement. While L-glutamine is used as a secondary source of energy, second only to glucose, the body makes enough L-glutamine to support healthy energy levels in most cases.

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