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Magic Fiber from Natural Ways is a fiber supplement, plain and simple. Fiber is essential for intestinal balance and digestive health. Reports state most people do not consume enough fiber through diet so fiber supplements can help make up the difference. There are also some studies that support reduced appetite after taking fiber, but a healthy diet and exercise program are a must even if dieters use fiber as a means of appetite control.

Natural Ways sells all products online. Some products offer a definitive list of ingredients, but that is not the case for Magic Fiber. We are told the supplement supplies 11 grams of fiber per serving, which is higher than the average fiber supplement.

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Fiber is commonly included in weight loss supplements as the main appetite suppressant. Fiber works by slowing down the digestive process. When fiber is consumed before a meal, it starts digesting, essentially blocking up the intestines. The fiber must digest before food can move into the intestines. Fiber takes a long time to digest, thus food stay in the stomach longer reducing hunger between meals. This is important for dieters who have trouble with between meal snacking. Despite this proven effect, fiber is not going to boost weight loss the way some other appetite suppressants.

Magic Fiber does not claim to boost weight loss, but not all proven supplements list every benefit. Magic Fiber reveals there are prebiotics and trace minerals in the formal for optimal digestive health. We love the fact that the supplement includes everything the digestive system needed to promote a healthier colon.

Magic Fiber sells for $14.96.

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  • Fiber may suppress appetite.
  • A healthy colon depends on fiber.


  • A full list of ingredients is not provided by Natural Ways.
  • The price is higher than comparable sources of fiber.
  • Consuming fiber requires drinking lots of water, a fact that is not revealed in the product description.


When it comes to weight loss and improved health, there are many supplements that benefit the body. Some offer more than one benefit, like fiber. Fiber helps move waste from the body, improving digestion along the way. There are also appetite suppressing benefits of fiber not listed on the Natural Ways website. It is important to drink lots of water before and after taking fiber. It will form bulk in the intestines and if too little water is consumed, that bulk could lead to constipation. It is also important to start out with

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