Natural Ways Probiotic Complex 10 Review

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What You Should Know

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Natural Ways Probiotics Complex 10 supplies healthy bacteria for a healthy digestive system. Probiotics naturally grow in the intestines, but an unhealthy diet, antibiotics and processed foods kill off healthy bacteria, leaving the digestive system with no means of breaking down foods to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Some believe probiotics support natural weight loss and this could be true. If probiotic levels are reduced, even healthy, fat-burning supplements will not be absorbed effectively. Probiotics must be consumed in live form. Natural Ways Probiotics Complex 10 does not reveal whether the bacteria are alive or not.

List of Ingredients

L. Acidophilus, L. Bifidus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Plantarum, L. Salivarius, B. Longum, L. Bulgaris, L. Lactis, L. Casei and L. Brevis.

Product Features

There are many factors that affect healthy bacteria in the digestive system, including environmental factors like stress and disease. Even one round of antibiotics can destroy enough healthy bacteria to inhibit digestion and nutrient absorption. Supplements like Natural Ways Probiotics Complex 10 promote a healthy digestive system and healthy bacteria, but the probiotics need to be alive and Natural Ways does not expressly list these bacteria as live specimens.

Common symptoms of reduced levels of healthy bacteria include gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion. While supplements supply healthy bacteria, so do some foods. Many yogurt companies include live probiotics in their products. In some cases, consuming just one container of yogurt per day is enough to support healthy digestion and elimination.

While supplementing with healthy probiotics is considered safe for most consumers, it is important to start out small and work up in dosage. Sometimes, probiotics can cause some of the same symptoms often associated with lowered probiotic levels like gas and bloating.

Natural Ways Probiotic Complex 10 sells for $14.96 per 60 capsules and $42.00 per 200 capsules. This price is far more expensive than other probiotic supplements. If a consumer were to choose yogurt in place of this supplement, they would spend less than $30 per month for the same digestive support.

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  • Healthy bacteria are crucial for optimal digestion.
  • Ingredients are listed in the product description.
  • Consumers can order products directly from Natural Ways.


  • We have no idea if the probiotics are alive.
  • The price is too high.


Eating a healthy diet for weight loss requires the digestive system to work at optimal levels to absorb vitamins and nutrients. If probiotic bacteria have been destroyed by unhealthy eating habits or antibiotic use, probiotics must be restored with supplementation. This does not mean probiotics will increase weight loss, but it could mean the body can absorb more healthy elements from less food. Probiotics are safe for use with other natural fat burners if a dieter wants to improve digestion and burn more fat at the same time.

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