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Juice fasting is a popular means of quick weight loss solution. Unfortunately, weight loss from fasting is not a long-term solution and most people gain weight back soon after returning to solid food. Rejoice by Natural Ways, is a liquid supplement used during a 48 hour fast. That means the dieter will intake nothing aside from Rejoice for two days. This could reduce metabolism enough to cause faster weight gain after the Rejoice fasting phase is over.

Natural Ways supports online ordering and offers contact information for consumers to ask questions about products and orders. The ingredients for Rejoice are not listed on the official website. We could not find the product for sale from other retailers.

List of Ingredients

Wild Berry Concentrate with Fibersol.

Product Features

We know from the picture of the product label that Natural Ways Rejoice is a berry concentrate. The product description lists Fibersol as an ingredient, but no other ingredients are listed. We can assume there is a long list of berry concentrates, which will cause a laxative effect. Fruit concentrates are commonly sold for detox, cleansing and fasting.

The trouble with fasting for weight loss or colon cleansing is the detrimental effect on metabolism and resulting hunger. The dieter suddenly stops eating food and consumes only a small portion of a berry concentrate a few times every day. The juice will cause increased bowel movements and diuretic effects and the scale will move down, but that effect is a moot point as the weight will return as soon as solid foods are consumed.

Fibersol is a source of fiber. Fiber is known to have appetite suppressing effects, which is likely why this ingredient is included in Rejoice. Fiber slows the digestive process causing food in the stomach to stay put until the fiber moves through the intestines. This is a great benefit of fiber, but it will not work if no food is consumed.

Rejoice likely contains high sugar content. Diabetics should not take a fasting product like Rejoice without reading the label and total carbohydrate content first. One shot of Rejoice could spike blood glucose levels causing illness or medical emergency for some diabetics. But, this is assuming there is sugar in the product.

Rejoice sells for $18.71.

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  • May increase bowel movements.


  • Fasting is not a safe weight loss choice.
  • Extreme hunger could result.
  • Fiber will not curb hunger is food is not consumed.


Rejoice is just another berry concentrate used as a natural laxative. The dieter could easily consume a large quantity of apple juice and gain the same effect. There are likely healthy antioxidants in the berries, but that is not the main reason for including them in the formula.

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