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What You Should Know

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Natural Ways RSVP is a lean vegetable protein with a green food blend. The company lists all ingredients in the product description, but there is no label or dedicated ingredient section, which makes it a bit confusing. Natural Ways sells products from the official website, but we could not find any testimonials or clinical research supporting the products they sell. Natural Ways lists other company products that can be safely taken with RSVP.

List of Ingredients

Organic Brown Rice, Pea Protein, De-Oiled Coconut Flour, Organic Parsley, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Broccoli, Organic or Wild-Crafted Watercress.

Product Features

The first important detail about Natural Ways RSVP is the fact that some ingredients are organic and others are not. All ingredients must be organic for the supplement to be considered organic as a whole and that is not the case with Natural Ways RSVP. This is not the only problem with Natural Ways RSVP.

Without a product label, the dieter has no idea how much protein is provided per serving. There are no calorie counts, fat counts or carbohydrate counts listed in the product description. Protein powders are commonly used by dieters, but they need to know everything about the powder before purchasing because a protein with 300 calories per serving is not as effective for weight loss as one with only 150 calories per serving supplying the same amount of protein.

Despite the negatives, there are positives about Natural Ways RSVP. The protein is from plant sources, so vegans can use the protein supplement for weight loss or meal replacement. The green foods included in the supplement may help support healthy antioxidant levels. The parsley, however, may work as a diuretic causing water loss. This could make the product unsafe for use by some dieters.

Natural Ways RSVP sells for $26.21 per pound. This price is more expensive than other protein powders created from soy or milk.

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  • The product is sold online by the manufacturer.
  • Contact information is listed for Natural Ways.
  • Some of the ingredients are organic.
  • May help promote a healthy immune system.
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly.


  • No label information.
  • The consumer has no idea how much protein is supplied per serving.
  • Not all ingredients are organic.
  • Priced higher than soy protein, also vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Protein is a lean, healthy source of energy. When dieters cut calories, they typically cut out meats or reduce meat consumption because meat is a dense source of calories. Protein powders are a safe and effective source of protein that is easy to measure and control, in terms of caloric intake. We need a product label for this supplement in order to assess whether or not the protein powder is low calorie or high calorie.

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