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Ultra Whey-Pro by Natural Ways is a low carb protein shake mix, ideal for dieting, according to the product description. Protein plays an important part in dieting as lean meats contain many calories. Dieters typically skimp on meats in favor of vegetables and other low calorie alternatives, causing muscle loss. The body will take protein from muscle is enough is not consumed. The alternative to skipping protein is a lean protein shakes with no sugar and a low glycemic load. Ultra Whey-Pro may offer just that support.

Natural Ways allows customers to order products from the official website. Ultra Why-Pro is available by the pound or gallon.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients listed.

Product Features

We have reviewed several supplements by Natural Ways and most contain a detailed ingredient list, but Ultra Whey-Pro does not list ingredients. We can assume there is predigested whey protein, based on the information provided. Predigested protein is supposed to be easier to digest. This is a sentiment mirrored by many bodybuilding companies that sell predigested protein.

The most important aspect of Ultra Whey-Pro is the low carbohydrate and low fat content. The product contains about one gram of carbohydrate and 0.5 grams of fat per serving. Combine that with 24 grams of lean protein and the dieter gets a complete meal for fewer calories. While the total calories per serving are not listed, we calculated there are about 105 calories per serving from carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Protein is important to dieters to prevent muscle loss and improve energy. Branched chain amino acids present in protein help support healthy energy levels, as well.

Natural Ways claims Ultra Whey-Pro lowers blood pressure and helps counteract the effect of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A research link is listed, but it does not support Ultra Whey-Pro, it supports glutathione. While whey protein is a source of glutathione, the research was not completed on whey protein.

Ultra Whey-Pro sells for $24.71 per pound and $60.75 per gallon.

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  • Provides a lean source of protein with a low glycemic index.
  • May prevent muscle loss during weight loss.
  • Priced comparably to other protein powders.


  • Research links are not directly associated with Ultra Whey-Pro.
  • No list of ingredients.
  • May not increase energy levels in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome as claimed.


Dieters need to intake a healthy, low fat, low-carbohydrate source of protein to maintain health and muscle mass during weight loss. Ultra Whey-Pro supplies that protein, but the extraordinary claims of disease support are not needed. Why protein tends to sell itself as a healthy alternative to animal products, as it is easy to measure and tastes great, in some cases. The lack of testimonials on taste means the company should offer samples.

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    how many grams of protein are in each scoop of protein powder in ultra whey protein thanks Gerri