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There are so many celebrities and public figures coming out with diet books and approaches to weight loss. This can make things a tad confusing for dieters everywhere. Not only are there countless methods and programs to choose from, but also, how do you know who has the expertise when it comes to dieting and healthy weight reduction? Well, amongst the many diet books, plans, and programs at your disposal today, there is “Naturally Thin,” which is a text by Bethenny Frankel. As you may know, she is one of the women from the hit reality show, “The Real Housewives of New York City.” She is also a natural foods chef.

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Naturally Thin is a weight loss book that sells for a list price of $16, but can be acquired through dealers like for around $10. It is 304 pages in length, and was released in March of 2009. The core focus of this diet book is that everyone is “naturally thin,” they simply need to think and eat like a thin person would. Put simply, this is a self-help text that provides 10 simple rules for weight loss and staying thin. In this book, Frankel emphasizes that you are what you eat, and there are even some simple meal plans provided.

There are no dietary supplements involved with the Naturally Thin approach to weight loss. When it comes down to it, eating less and smaller portions is encouraged in order to really shed unwanted pounds. From what is revealed, there is no specific fitness program involved with this diet program. Distributors of this book, such as Amazon, do provide some customer responses and reviews.

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  • The author of this text provides some simple recipes.
  • There is no need for prescription diet drugs with this program.
  • Users are encouraged to consume smaller portions, which may aid with weight loss.


  • There are some negative reviews of this book found online.
  • There is no daily fitness program mentioned for Naturally Thin.
  • No convenient supplement formulas are taken with this diet plan.
  • It is unclear what expertise Frankel really has when it comes to weight loss or management.


All in all, Naturally Thin comes across as a fairly common or routine diet book geared toward women. While it may offer some handy recipes that are low in fat and calories, it is unknown what actual expertise Frankel has in this field. It would be nice to see an exercise program recommended with Naturally Thin, which is always beneficial for weight reduction and staying healthy. Furthermore, many individuals may prefer a more convenient supplement formula that actually aids with hunger suppression and fat burning.

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