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What You Should Know

Click Here To See Our Highest Rated Review is the home of Naturally Vitamins. The supplement supplier offers 13 natural solutions to a variety of health conditions and ailments. Among the supplements are pet, heart and joint formulas. Weight loss is not directly covered by any of the Naturally Vitamins supplements, but some dieters look at energy and stamina products as weight loss supplements. Naturally Vitamins lists Stimulin as a stamina and energy supplement.

List of Ingredients

Stimulin: Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and Citrulline.

Product Features

The first three ingredients in Naturally Vitamins Stimulin will appear in any multi-vitamin. These ingredients are not commonly used to increase energy or stamina, so we are a bit curious as to why Naturally Vitamins included them in an energy formula. Citrulline, on the other hand, shows a bit of promise in the stamina category. A study complete in August of 2002 revealed Citrulline, in the malate form, promoted energy in human muscles. Such a study should be displayed clearly on any website using Citrulline as an ingredient, but Naturally Vitamins does not refer to the study.

The study supports only Citrulline in the malate form. Stimulin does not denote whether or not Citrulline malate is used in the formula. Citrulline alone is not enough to promote energy levels to the point of weight loss. Instead, it seems the Stimulin supplement could be used during fitness workouts to maintain longer workout sessions. Muscle energy is not the same as thermogenic energy.

No other products offered by Naturally Vitamins poses a positive result in terms of weight loss. Stimulin is sold offline at many natural supplement stores. The supplement, though not sold through Naturally Vitamins, can be purchased online for $26.65.

The Arizona based company does offer contact information in the form of phone, mail or email if the consumer or dieter has questions about any of the Naturally Vitamins supplements.

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  • Citrulline, in malate form, is clinically proven to increase muscle energy.
  • Naturally Vitamins supplements are comparably priced with other similar supplements.


  • No reference to what type of Citrulline is used in Stimulin could be found.
  • Naturally Vitamins does not specialize in weight loss formulas.
  • Even the energy supplement does not include a metabolism booster or fat burner.
  • Naturally Vitamins does not sell products directly.


Very few supplement companies actually take the time to formulate a weight loss supplement or fat burner with proven ingredients. When a supplement does include ingredients that have been clinically tested, the company should shout it from the rooftops. Either Naturally Vitamins has no idea Citrulline is proven to increase muscle stamina or they are not using the malate form in the Stimulin supplement. Finding a proven weight loss supplement is the best possible choice for any dieter looking for natural weight loss support.

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