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With such a huge push toward colon cleansing for weight loss, there is room to market new products and take advantage of dieters who want to see results and weight loss success. Nature Cleanse is one of those marketing follies. There are several websites claiming to be the official Nature Cleanse website, but all link to a very different cleansing product – Power Colon Cleanse. It seems the manufacturer of the Power Colon Cleanse is marketing their product under several different names in order to gain more access to dieters and customers. Some “official” websites actually claim huge weight loss amounts while taking the product, but no before and after photos are included.

List of Ingredients

Herbs, fiber, digestive enzymes, and botanicals.

Product Features

The ingredient list for Nature Cleanse is vague, at best. The same ingredients are listed on a third party website for Power Colon Cleanse. On the official website for Power Colon Cleanse, there are no listed ingredients, but there are plenty of outrageous claims of increased weight loss. Shock value also comes into play on the Power Colon Cleanse website as the creators of the supplement list several health studies and comments about colon cancer and deaths being on the rise.

Nature Cleanse does not seem to be a product available to the consumer at all. It is just a name associated with another colon cleanser. We have found several colon cleansing products just like Nature Cleanse that are linked to the Power Colon Cleanse free trial. None of these supplements includes definitive ingredient lists either. When a consumer has no idea what ingredients are included in a product, they should steer clear and choose a different supplement.

Power Colon Cleanse, or Nature Cleanse, offers a free trial for the cost of shipping and handling. There are no prices of the supplement listed on the main page. After the free trial expires, the consumer is charged a membership fee of $127.86. There is also reference to several other fees that will be charged to the credit card used to order the free trial.

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  • None.


  • Nature Cleanse is only a name associated with Power Colon Cleanse.
  • Consumers are charged more than $100 for a membership after taking the free trial bottle.
  • There are no ingredients listed for Nature Pure or Power Colon Cleanse.
  • Members must maintain shipments for 12 months following the membership fee charge.


Nature Pure is a fraud. The name is associated with Power Colon Cleanse and a huge charge to consumer credit cards if a free trial bottle is ordered. There is no proof that the outrageous claims of weight loss are justified and the long list of charges the consumer could face is a red flag to stay away from this product.

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    kris narcisse

    i just ordered it 10 mins ago i want my order cancelled there was no email confirmation but my charge is showing on my account