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Nature Pure Cleanse is an all-natural cleansing product that may no longer be available online. There was no official website found for the supplement or any mention of the manufacturer who creates the formula. One website was found with information on the cleanse, but when the link was clicked to visit the main website, visitors are taken to the Power Colon Cleanse website and not a website for Nature Pure Cleanse. With no official website, it is hard to determine whether or not information is reliable and accurate.

List of Ingredients

No list of ingredients could be found.

Product Features

Assuming Nature Pure Cleanse is created from the same ingredients in other colon cleansing supplements, we can assume there are natural laxatives and diuretics in the formula. Without an official ingredient list, however, the formula could simply contain fiber like Glucomannan or psyllium husks. Colon cleansing products like Nature Pure Cleanse have broken into the weight loss community by claiming to prepare the body for weight loss or even increase weight loss by unclogging stubborn bowels. There is no evidence that these claims are justified or that colon cleansing increases weight loss over the long-term.

Typically, Nature Pure Cleanse and other colon cleansers will cause a sudden boost in weight loss through dehydration. Diuretics and laxatives are added to the formula to increase bowel movements and flush out the digestive tract. Some herbal formulas will also include detox ingredients to remove toxins from internal organs, but this is not always the case.

There is no official website, so pricing information is unavailable. A free trial is mentioned on one website, but the link to the 14-day trial takes the consumer to a website that is not affiliated with Nature Pure Cleanse.

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  • Colon cleansing may temporarily increase weight loss.


  • No official ingredient list could be found.
  • There is no website for Nature Pure Cleanse.
  • Colon cleansing is not an effective means of weight loss.
  • Over time, the use of natural laxatives can cause dependency.
  • Diuretics can dehydrate the body and cause more harm than good.


Colon cleansing has moved into the weight loss market in recent years. Dieters, who are tired of trying to lose weight to no avail, are turning to cleansers to see movement on the scale. The movement, though real, is not permanent. The body holds onto waste and slowly pushes it through the digestive tract while nutrients and vitamins are absorbed. Colon cleansers like Nature Pure Cleanse simply speed up the waste expulsion process to increase weight loss. This means the body does not have a chance to absorb the good parts of food before it is removed from the body.

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10 User Reviews about Nature Pure Cleanse

  • 1
    Antoinette Muscari

    Please cancel my Nature’s Pure Cleanse account immediately and do not charge my credit card for any further purchases. Thank you


  • 2

    please unsubscribe me from pure carcina and cleanse please so my credit card stops being deducted cheers


  • 3
    Marion Nelis

    I registered for a free, trail, today I see that I have been charged $100+, I have received the trial pack , how do I get out of this on going cost!!


  • 4
    Your Name

    This product and the com pony is discusting they should b more clear on the product and the conditions do not buy this product u will b paying b4 the product arrives there is no such thing as a free trial so b very aware b4 u try this


  • 5

    Hi have this product and it works I’ve lost 5 khan a week and ingredients are Chloeella powder aloe Vera extract (about 300mg) ginger root powder (6mg)fennel seed herb powder psyllium husk powder clove Bud cayenne powder Citrus pectin Bentonite Clay sillicon dioxide garlic herb powder liquorice extract dandelion root extact microcrystalline cellulose and gelatin for capsules and gmp is the manufacture and it’s 2 dollers for every bottle after I dnt knw wat u guys got but my way I got


  • 6
    Mary Doran

    Just bought it theres no company name people be aware that they continue to send the product monthly and charge your card 130.00 or more every month READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ITS NOT JUST A FREE TRIAL


  • 7
    Geraldine mc Quillan

    Could I get a free sample?


    Marion nelis

    I’m very disappointed that you sent a free trial, and now you have committed me and many others to ongoing products that are crap. Me and all your other customers will all be off to the bank, to change our account numbers so you can’t continue to rob us


    Your Name

    I absolutely agree!! This company is running a scam! DO NOT BUY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!


  • 8
    Maryanne Rohner

    How do I cancel any future orders for this product? Please respond ASAP.