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What You Should Know

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Nature’s Benefit is a privately owned company that markets dietary supplements that are formulated through Holt MD labs. Dr. Holt, CEO of Holt MD labs, is in the nutraceutical industry. He has received awards from several academic and industry organizations. Dr. Holt holds the academic rank of Distinguished Professor of Medicine. Dr. Holt practices medicine in New York and he has developed recently a certification program for counseling on the use of dietary supplements ( Nature’s Benefit has many different products. For purposes of this article, we will review just a sampling.

Product Features

Nature’s Benefit has an array of products, but we are going to focus on The Hoodia Supreme Slim Tea. The Hoodia Supreme Slim Tea contains dried Hoodia from the South African succulent plant Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is being extensively researched for appetite suppression.Dr. Stephen Holt, M.D., as mentioned above, is also one of the US researchers looking into the benefits of Hoodia for appetite suppression.


Green Tea, Hoodia, Lemon and White Tea are the only listed ingredients that we could get a hold of online. The brewing instructions were as follows: Heat fresh, cold water to a rolling boil; remove from heat and let stand for 1 minute. Pour over tea bag(s), using one bag for each cup of tea. Steep for 3 to 5 minutes, adjusting the time to suit your taste. Remove the tea bag(s) and drink.

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  • You can purchase directly online from many different retail sites.
  • At $6.50 a box, it’s relatively inexpensive. Many of the products available from Nature’s Benefit are inexpensive.
  • It has a familiarity to it…tea is easy to make and take.
  • Disadvantages

  • Without a complete list of ingredients, we don’t know all that’s in the product itself. Some people are sensitive to certain ingredients and need to know when certain things are in the products they are interested in taking.
  • We couldn’t get any real background information on Nature’s Benefit itself. We did get information on Holt MD Labs, but Nature’s Benefit itself not only is a privately owned company, but we couldn’t even get access to their website online.
  • There’s several claims about research and quality of the products themselves, yet no discussion on how they reached these conclusions.
  • Conclusion

    While this product is ephedra free, we don’t know a lot about Hoodia yet. Even though for many many years it’s been available in other regions, here in North America Hoodia is still relatively new. Some reports have noted that Hoodia interferes with normal liver function, but no long term studies have been completed at the time of this article. Always due your due diligence when purchasing online and know who you are purchasing from. It’s always a good idea to get a full and complete list of ingredients before purchase as well.

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