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What You Should Know

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Nature’s Cure came onto the acne treatment scene with their products in 1994 when it came out with its flagship 2-Part Acne Treatment products. Nature’s Cure is a homeopathic system of thought for the treatment of Acne and female issues. Homeopathy is based on the principal of “like cures like”, homeopathic treatments use micro-doses of ingredients that would trigger the symptoms to be treated if ingested in large amounts. Homeopaths believe that dilute ingredients activate the body’s defenses to fight back. Nature’s Cure brings the system of homeopathy to their products. The mantra of Nature Inside plus Science Outside, you have the Nature’s Cure system.

Product Features

The acne treatment products are for men or women. Each system is a 2-part delivery system. You take homeopathic tablets to address the inside issues that can cause acne and then you also use a topical acne cream on the outside of your body to deal directly with what’s already happening on your skin’s surface.


There are two different formulations for men and women. For purposes of keeping this article from being too lengthy we’ll just focus on the women’s system. They do not give a full ingredient list online but do let you know that the full list of ingredients is on the actual package itself. Some of the highlighted ingredients are as follows:English Walnut (juglans Regia) 6xYeast (Candida albicans) 12x, 30x, 60x, 200xCone flower (Echinacea angustifolia) 12xWild Rosemary (Ledum Pallustre) 12xVegetable Carbon (Carbo vegetabilis) 30xFrost Weed (Cistus Canadensis) 30x

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  • The tablets are all natural.
  • Nature’s Cure recognizes that men and women’s skin is different and create different formulas accordingly.
  • The website goes to great lengths to explain homeopathy and its differences from things like vitamins and supplements.
  • Disadvantages

  • You cannot purchase directly from the website.
  • The complete list of ingredients isn’t immediately available.
  • Allergy sufferers may have issues with certain ingredients and unable to try the products.
  • Conclusion

    We like that this company has taken the time to recognize the connection between what’s going on inside the body is just as important as what is happening on the outside. We often forget the body’s connection to what’s happening around us. When we get things like acne, heartburn, or a headache, we run for a pill or cream to fix it instead of addressing the actual cause..which is inside our bodies. Homeopathy is regulated by the FDA and is treated with the same seriousness as prescription drugs, so you can be sure the ingredients are exactly what they say they are. You may have to wait a while to see a major improvement in your skin’s quality while on these tablets, but they do include immediate relief in the form of a topical cream to help from the get go. This seems worth a try and available at many grocery and drug stores nationwide.

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