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Nature’s Science is a product line of nutritional supplements manufactured by SCI-FIT Nutrition. SCI-FIT Nutrition is part of ATF Fitness Products. ATF Fitness Products was founded in 1991 by James Vercellotti , in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, while he was attending his senior year at Penn State. ATF now manufactures over 400 products under three brand names, one of which is Nature’s Science. Nature’s Science is the brand name for the vitamins, herbs and minerals product line. Their primary mission is to supply the consumer with a wide variety of nutritional products with guaranteed quality and potency.


Not applicable. Nature’s Science is said to use only the highest quality ingredients in their products.

Product Features

Nature’s Science is a product line of nutritional vitamins, herbs and minerals manufactured by SCI-FIT Nutrition, which is part of ATF Fitness. Their three product lines offer over 400 nutritional supplements and products for all aspects of the population, from the professional body builder, to the consumer trying to maintain good health and fitness. Nature’s Science offers 38 products as shown on the corporate website. There is limited specific product information about each product on the corporate website, however, other third party website retailers offer more information, including a full disclosure of ingredients and the nutritional label. Nature’s Science products include: 5 Hydroxy Tryptophan, Apple Cider Vinegar, B Complex, Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D and Magnesium, Chitosan, Complete Antioxidant, CoQ 10, Coral Calcium + Magnesium and Vitamin D, Echinacea and Golden Seal, Echinacea, Essential Fatty Acids, Ester C, Evening Primrose Oil, Gingko Biloba, Golden Seal, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Just for Women Multi Vitamin, Kava Root, Magnesium, Melatonin, Milk Thistle, Natural E, Potassium, Saw Palmetto, Siberian Ginseng, Stress B & C, Super Vita-Man, Super Vita-Woman, Uva Ursi, Valerian Root, Vitamin A & D, Vitamin C, White Willow Bark, and Zinc. These products can all be purchased from the dedicated website or from third party retailers.

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  • Nature’s Science products are made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients.
  • Nature’s Science guarantees their product’s quality and potency.


  • Nature’s Science website is difficult to find if the consumer does not know it is a part of SCI-FIT Nutrition.
  • Nature’s Science website does not offer clinical trial information about its products.
  • Nature’s Science website offers limited information about each product.


Nature’s Science offers nutritional supplements of vitamins, herbs and minerals for the health and well being of consumers. They offer a wide variety of products, however more information is found about the products on third party websites than on their dedicated website. Also, their dedicated website is difficult to find if the consumer does not know about the business relationship of the Nature’s Science brand with SCI-FIT Nutrition. The dedicated website does not offer clinical trial information or customer testimonials about their products, either. They are said to guarantee their products potency and quality, and are part of a larger company that is able to back up that guarantee.

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