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Nature’s Secret Ultimate products are a line of nutritional products manufactured by Nature’s Secret. Nature’s Secret is located in Los Angeles, CA, and manufactures over 25 products. The philosophy of the company is that the body should not be treated in parts but should be treated as a whole for total body wellness.


Nature’s Secret Ultimate line of products contains Ultimate Cleanse, Ultimate Diet Cleanse, and Ultimate Fiber Cleanse. Among other ingredients, these products all contain Cascara Sagrada.

Product Features

Nature’s Secret Ultimate is a line of product manufactured by Nature’s Secret. Nature’s Secret is said to be the leader in cleansing supplements. The Ultimate line of products includes Ultimate Cleanse, Ultimate Diet Cleanse and Ultimate Fiber Cleanse. The Ultimate Cleanse is a 2 part cleansing and detoxifying product. The first part is the Multi-Herb Digestion & Detox Support. It contains Alfalfa which is said to assist digestion and reduce water retention. It contains several ingredients that are detoxifiers, and several that are stimulants. The second part is Multi-Fiber Cleanse, which contains Cascara Sagrada as the first ingredient. Cascara Sagrada is a powerful laxative, and there are two other ingredients that are used to treat constipation. This can cause dehydration if the consumer does not drink enough liquids while taking this supplement.

The Ultimate Diet Cleanse is also a two part supplement. The first part is the Ultimate Diet Cleanse Purifying Flush. This contains several ingredients used as laxatives including cascara sagrada. The second part is the Thermogenic Fat Burning supplement which contains several stimulants, including green tea extract, black tea, white tea, and additional caffeine. This may cause side effects such as an increased pulse, increased blood pressure, jitters and insomnia.

The Ultimate Fiber Cleanse contains psyllium husk, which is also a powerful laxative. Consumers sensitive to laxatives should be sure to drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration. This supplement is a one part ultimate cleanse.

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  • The Nature’s Secret Ultimate line of products is made with all natural ingredients.
  • The Nature’s Secret Ultimate products ingredients are fully disclosed on the dedicated website.


  • Two of the Nature’s Secret Ultimate products contain powerful laxative ingredients.
  • Nature’s Secret Ultimate products website does not have clinical trial information.


Nature’s Secret Ultimate line of products is manufactured using all natural ingredients. The manufacturer Nature’s Secret has a dedicated website with a fully disclosed list of ingredients for each product. However, the website does not have customer testimonials or clinical trial information available. The ingredients in these products include powerful laxatives that may cause dehydration if the consumer does not drink enough fluids. Also, the Thermogenic Fat Burner contains several stimulants which may cause increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, jitters and insomnia in some consumers. Consumers should contact their physician prior to taking any supplement, especially cleansing products to ensure safety.

Consumers looking for a weight loss product should look for one with both an appetite suppressant and fat burner. This combination, along with sensible diet and exercise, will produce the best results. The product should have a dedicated website with clinical trial information showing the effectiveness and safety of the product.

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    I have been taking “Super Cleanse” for almost a month. Results have been excellent, except the bottle says to achieve 2-3 “good” bowel movements. I only have one as I am very constipated usually. Is this a problem.
    Also, more importantly, is there a chance my body will become dependent on this supplement if I continue to take it past a month. thanks!