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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Dieters look for more than a great supplement. They look for a supplement company they can trust to provide optimal ingredient lists and testimonials to support weight loss claims. Nature’s Sunshine offers a beautiful website with tons of relevant information and easy navigation on the main page. Dieters can easily see the shopping cart, current specials and featured supplements. The links on the side of the page offer direct navigation to some of the more popular Nature’s Sunshine products. Despite the beautiful design, we did not find one testimonial, product review or link to a clinical study supporting claims made about Nature’s Sunshine products. It takes more than a pretty website to gain consumer trust and Nature’s Sunshine falls short.

List of Ingredients

Supplement manufacturer selling weight loss and cleansing supplements, among other vitamin products.

Product Features

Nature’s Sunshine sells more than 600 products and 475 unique products, according to the website description. There are plenty of supplement manufacturers offering long product lists, but these lists offer no support for the consumer if they are not reviewed by buyers or peers having tried the formulas. Supplement companies can list any of an infinite number of supplement benefits, but consumers tend to tell the truth about how a supplement works.

We found 14 supplements and products under the Weight Management tab. This seems like quite a few supplements. If the product description of just one of the supplements was true, the dieter should not need to choose from 14. This is where testimonials and product reviews come into play. Just because a company claims to offers the best formula for weight loss does not mean it is the best formula for dieters.

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  • Navigation is simple.
  • The website is beautiful.
  • Product ingredients and pricing are clearly marked.


  • None of the products are supported with clinical research.
  • We found no testimonials or peer reviews of the supplements.
  • More than 600 supplements could be confusing for some consumers.
  • There are 14 diet and weight loss supplements alone.
  • There are different prices for consumers and members.
  • There could be a membership cost.
  • The website advertises affiliate programs.


Nature’s Sunshine looks like a reputable company, but so do the thousands of other companies selling weight loss and dieting supplements. Anyone can start-up a supplement website with a beautiful design and ingredient lists. It is testimonials and peer reviews that set a website apart. If the company took the time to research ingredients and formulas with clinical studies supporting weight loss claims, the visitor may trust the company a bit more. As it stands, Nature’s Sunshine gives the consumer no reason to purchase supplements from the website.

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