Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike sells for around $365. Exercise bikes are used for home fitness and mimic the movement of biking while staying in one place. Exercise bikes work lower body muscles, some of the largest in the body. This increases metabolism and calorie burn. When exercise is paired with a reduced calorie diet, weight loss can occur, but the Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike is not that different from other, less expensive models.

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Exercise bike by Nautilus.

Product Features

The Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike comes with 16 levels of resistance and 20 programs. Hand and chest heart rate monitors make it simple to track the effect of exercise on heart rate. The maximum user weight for the bike is 300 pounds. The seat is relatively small, but users can switch out the factory seat for a cruiser bike seat for added comfort. The display unit shows heart rate, miles biked and current speed. The unit is brightly lit so the dieter has no trouble reading the information on the screen.

This bike has all the bells and whistles, but what is does not offer the dieter is dedication to work out every day. There is no diet program included with the Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike. Dieters must follow a reduced calorie eating plan in order to lose weight using the machine. If the dieter chooses to continue eating unhealthy foods in large portions, they will not lose weight no matter how many hours they spend on the exercise bike.

The Nautilus company does not mention a money-back guarantee, but the bike is covered by a 10 year frame warranty, 2 year parts warranty and 1 year electronics warranty. The price is higher than the average home upright exercise bike, but this could mean the bike is sturdier than other models or it could mean the dieter is paying more for the Nautilus name.

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  • Exercise bikes work lower body muscles.
  • The price is comparable to higher end exercise bikes.
  • Comes with a strong fan and multiple heart rate monitors.


  • The dieter must find a reduced calorie diet to lose weight.
  • The bike is more expensive than some dieters can spend.
  • Working out every day on an upright bike may grow boring.


If it is raining outside or you simply don’t want to get dressed for the gym, the Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike is the perfect choice. The unit is sturdy but does not take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, it does not come with a diet plan or a personal trainer to keep the dieter dedicated to working out. The price could also be a bit high for most dieters.

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