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Need to Build Muscle is a supplement company with a simple website and tons of supplements available for any and every stage of bodybuilding. The company offers direct ordering from the official website and a complete list of ingredients for all supplements. We were not thrilled with the fat burners available through the company because some of the ingredient lists include dangerous ingredient that affect mood and strong combinations of stimulants. Not all stimulants are proven to boost metabolism and fat burn; some are just great at boosting energy and hiking up heart rate and blood pressure in the process.

List of Ingredients

N2-Flame, N2-Stim, Forged Burner, Adderllin, Need 2 Slin, Advanced Probiotic and other fat burning and athletic supplements.

Product Features

The visitor to Need to Build Muscle will immediately notice the categories listed on the front page of the website. The categories include bodybuilding stacks, fat burners, proteins, snacks, meal replacements, testosterone boosters and training programs. There is also a section for clothing and apparel. The company covers everything the bodybuilder needs to gain muscle and achieve bodybuilding goals, but that doesn’t mean the supplements are designed for dieters.

The first thing we noticed about the fat burners on the website was the inclusion of ingredients like phenylethylamine. This ingredient works to alter mood and may affect how anti-depressants and other prescription medications work in the body. There is also rampant use of stimulants that are not proven to boost fat burn.

Need to Build Muscle offers contact information so the visitor can ask questions about supplements and track orders. There is a blog dedicated to everything from bodybuilding news to supplement information. Even if we don’t trust all of their supplements, the blog offers some great information.

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  • All products are available for sale from Need to Build Muscle.
  • The ingredient list provided for all supplements.
  • The blog is fantastic.


  • Not all supplement contain safe ingredients.
  • We are not thrilled with the use of phenylethylamine.
  • There are many more fat burners than any dieter needs.
  • Too many supplements make browsing confusing.


Need to Build Muscle is a relatively new supplement company to the market. They will, without a doubt, gain some traction for some of the more interesting supplements for bodybuilders, but it takes a big name to push others to trust your line and that has yet to come to fruition for the company. We love the blog aspect and wish more companies spent time giving advice and news for dieters, or in this case bodybuilders. Dieters may find a good protein supplement they love or even a free trial here and there.

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    What kind of fat burner should I be takin. Need to burn. Need to flame. Nedd to slimm. And how many pills a day