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The Negative Calorie Diet has many different variations, but all of them share one thing. The basic practice of eating foods that take more work for your body to digest and utilize than they provide to you means that you can eat all you want and still lose weight. This review will take a look at these claims to see how plausible they really are.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients, though certain foods are suggested and others are to be completely avoided.

Product Features

The Negative Calorie Diet sounds a little strange because no foods actually contain a negative amount of calories. The ebook and website for the diet suggest that you can eat your way to weight loss by eating more foods that take more calories to process in the body than eating them actually provides to your body.

Foods that are suggested on the Negative Calorie Diet are: celery, asparagus, papaya, watermelon, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, apples, blueberries, green cabbage, cantaloupe, and cranberries.

Visiting the website for the Negative Calorie Diet takes you to a sales page type deal where you learn about the diet, more in a sales pitch tone than anything else. You are offered an 80 page ebook and 7 different bonuses, such as weight loss through hypnosis, for a normal price of $39 that has been reduced to $27. The fact that the website reads like this, instead of an informative site, signals that it could be nothing more than a money making scam.

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  • Promotes vitamin and mineral rich foods.
  • Little effort involved.


  • Not scientifically backed.
  • More based on theory than practice.
  • Very little information is provided on the diet.
  • Many different variations.
  • Official website is way too much like a sales page.


While the basic premise makes sense, it has come to be known that just because something makes sense, does not mean it will work the way you want it to. Cutting calories to lose weight makes sense, but we know that cutting them too much can decrease metabolism, and cause weight gain in the end. The fact is that an increase in the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat will lead to some form of weight loss, because it is healthier eating. Staying on a diet such as this that includes too much fiber is not good for your health long term, because it lacks the proteins and fats your body needs.

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