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Neogenixx is a supplement company that delivers several fitness, weight loss and fat burning supplements. Among the products sold by the company is NeoLean EF. This supplement claims to curb appetite and increase fat burn while blocking absorption of fat. Many supplements claim to block fat absorption, but few include proven ingredients that truly work best for the dieter.

List of Ingredients

Guarana Extract, Evodiamine, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium and Coleus Forskholii.

Product Features

It is a proven fact that stimulants increase calorie burn in the body. Most stimulants increase heart rate enough to fool the body into thinking it is exercising and thus in need of additional calories. If stimulants are taken in with a reduced calorie diet, the effect is weight loss. When formulating a weight loss supplement, using more stimulants in one supplement does not improve the chances of burning calories, but can cause negative side effects for the dieter.

NeoLean EF contains three known stimulants – Guarana, Green Tea and Citrus Aurantium. Of the three, Citrus Aurantium is the strongest, but also holds the highest chance of side effects. Dieters have reported chest pains, jitters and increased heart rate. When combined with the natural caffeine in green tea and the stimulant effects of Guarana, dieters may feel nauseous and shaky all day long.

Green tea is a strong fat burner without the added effects of Guarana and Citrus Aurantium. As a proven weight loss ingredient, we would like to see clinical research noted in the product description, but none was listed. There are also no testimonials for any Neogenixx products on their website. NeoLean EF does provide ingredient totals, which allows the dieter to judge whether or not enough of a given ingredient is included in the formula. This is a positive for the Neogenixx supplement company.

Aside from the green tea, there are no other proven weight loss ingredients in NeoLean EF. The product sells for $40.00 per bottle and can be purchased online through Neogenixx.

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  • Green tea will increase metabolism and fat burn.
  • Stimulants cause increased heart rate and calorie deficits.
  • All ingredients and amounts are listed.


  • Citrus Aurantium is not a safe ingredient for all dieters.
  • There are no testimonials on the website.
  • Clinical research is not provided for green tea though it is available.


Dieters want to burn more calories and fat in order to lose weight and NeoLean EF could have that effect. However, fat burn should not come with a long list of potential side effects as is the case with this product. Citrus Aurantium is an ingredient we tend to suggest dieters stay away from due to complaints of heart related effects.

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  • 1

    Be forewarned….another HOAX!!!!! And they said my account had been closed and would not give me a refund!!!!! No results AT ALL!!!!


  • 2

    I have not received my product yet I will be getting charged $80.00. I have never before ordered products like this. the customer service was terrible. I will never ever order products like this again. How can you return a product you haven’t received???????


    Jessie Valverde

    THIS PRODUCT IS HARMFUL &COST ME A SERIES OF DERMATOLOGY VISITS. IT IS TOXIC!! I used it for TWO weeks. On the 2nd day, I started breaking out like a teenager. It got wo ores as the days went by. I started getting a rash at my chin. vine it looks like I have Poison Ivy on my face. Yes I called & told them I am now seein a dermatologist because of their product. They accepted my request for return, but refused to pay for shipping. So I have to pat shipping. They insisted “it’s only , $2/3.00 I insisted they pay “the only $2/3.00. They refused! Plus they said if I don have it into them by the 32st, I will be charged!!! I sent it out today paid the shipping, took pictures, and am posting them on Pintrest, City Grid, & anywhere else I can find! Don’t wast your money, or health fot it. It doesn’t work, and it I’d poison!!


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