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All you need to do to lose weight is take these pills and your fat will just melt away. If the outrageous claims made by many weight loss supplement companies were true, the same companies would find themselves out of business because all dieters would be thin. There are no supplements that promote weight loss without diet and exercise. Moreover, if a company tells the dieter they don’t have to workout or change the way they eat to lose weight, the dieter should run. Chances are the ingredients are ineffective or laden with stimulants that may cause negative side effects. In the case of Neopil Caps, it could be a combination of the two.

List of Ingredients

White Horehound, Tepozan, Papaya Seeds and Tejocote Leaves.

Product Features

White horehound is commonly added to lozenges to relieve sore throats and ease inflammation. There are no effects associated with weight loss or fat burn. White horehound does not have stimulant or appetite suppressing effects.

Tepozan is a new ingredient for us. Tepozan is butterfly bush. This ingredient has sedative and diuretic effects. Sedative effects can alter state of mind, so dieters with mental problems like anxiety or depression should not take this ingredient or Neopil Caps. Diuretics pull water to reduce water retention, but diuretics do not stop when excess water is gone. Dehydration and potassium loss are common when dieters take diuretics for extended periods.

Papaya Seeds calm the gastrointestinal system and aid in digestion. Papaya has no effect on weight loss and may actually increase hunger as food digests more quickly.

Tejocote Leaves, often referred to as the Forbidden Fruit, is a species of hawthorn. When used in supplement form, Tejocote Leaves have a diuretic effect. This pushes even more water out of the body, increasing the risk of negative side effects and, potentially, death.

Neopil Caps sell for $45 per bottle from the official website. There are no clinical references or testimonials with before and after photos on the website.

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  • Ingredients are listed in the product description.
  • May cause temporary weight loss.
  • Priced lower than comparable fat burners.


  • Neopil Caps is not a fat burner, it is a strong diuretic.
  • Weight loss is temporary.
  • Water loss can lead to electrolyte imbalance.
  • No testimonials to prove weight loss claims.


Dieters should never use products like Neopil Caps for weight loss. Water loss may look like weight loss on the scale, but the body needs water for normal organ function. Take too much water out and organs start to cramp up and shut down, leading to hospitalization and death. Some dieters need diuretics due to chronic water retention. In these cases, doctors prescribe medication and test kidney function regularly.

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3 User Reviews about Neopil Caps

  • 1

    I have taken neopil for 8 months. I am down 2 sizes. I used to be size 16 weighing almost 200 lb. I need to exercise to tone my muscles, but after 4 babies… This is great for me…


  • 2

    hi, i use neopilcaps regularily and feel great! I lose aroun 15 pounds and is NOT A DIURETIC, i recomend it!!!


  • 3

    Neopilcaps it’s not a diuretic , and it does not affect kidney because it does not contain any chemicals, My sister has used neopilcaps for around three months. and has loose around 14 pounds.

    So I totally disagree with this review, because I have seen that this product work.