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The company selling Neopil Caps offers a second supplement for dieters who have taken at least three bottles of Neopil Caps and still want to lose more weight. Neopil Caps are not a weight loss supplement. The ingredients include diuretics and sedatives. Neopil Plus, the second stage in the weight loss supplement line, offers more of the same with two added ingredients. We are positive these ingredients have a laxative or diuretic effect, which could be highly dangerous for the dieter after taking three months of diuretics.

List of Ingredients

Papaya Seed, Root of Lima, Tepozan, Lemon Grass and Leaf Tejocote.

Product Features

The ingredients from the original Neopil Caps also present in this formula include Papaya Seed, Tepozan and Leaf Tejocote. These ingredients calm the digestive system, sedate the mind and increase water loss. If Neopil Plus included just these three ingredients, it would be unsafe for prolonged use when dieting for weight loss. Added to the original formula are Root of Lima and Lemon Grass.

Root of Lima is not a known ingredient in alternative or natural supplements. We found reference to the Maca Root from Lima so this could be the official name of the ingredient. The Maca Root is thought to increase sexual desire and boost mood. There are no weight loss benefits associated with this ingredient.

Lemon Grass is commonly used in western cuisine as a flavoring. In alternative medicine, it is used to treat or prevent fever by lowering body temperature. We have no idea how this will increase weight loss. If body temperature is lower, simple exercise could increase temperature quickly causing increased perspiration and water loss. This sounds like an effect Neopil Plus would find positive.

Neopil Plus sells for $55 per bottle. The dieter should not take this supplement for weight loss. If they have already finished three bottles of the Neopil Caps, they are likely dehydrated and suffering from constipation. Using diuretics for long periods will reduce potassium level to dangerous levels. This could lead to death. Diuretics are not a means of fat loss or weight loss.

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  • Ingredients are listed for Neopil Plus.


  • The ingredients are not that different from Neopil Caps.
  • No fat burning ingredients.
  • No appetite suppressing ingredients.
  • Dieters could lose potassium taking this supplement.
  • Promote perspiration to cause water loss.


Losing weight by burning more calories than consumed in food is the only means of weight loss. Water is held by the body for organ and brain function. Without water, the body will shut down – period. After taking three bottles of Neopil Caps (diuretic supplement) the company offers another supplement to push more water out of the body. These are dangerous products.

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