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Neuro offers eight functional beverages for optimum health and nutrition. The beverages include Neuro Trim, Sport, Bliss, Aqua, Sun, Sleep, Sonic and Gasm. Each drink offers a different list of ingredients aimed at achieving a specific goal. Neuro Trim, for instance, is a weight loss drink that claims to use a 300-year-old fiber (Konjac root) to promote weight loss. The product is bottled with a brightly colored label, but that doesn’t hide the fact that Konjac root or fiber is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements.

List of Ingredients

LuraLean, Resveratrol, SerinAid and Vitamin D3.

Product Features

According to the Neuro Trim label, the drink contains 9 grams of sugar and 35 calories. Every gram of carbohydrate (sugar in this case) contains 4 calories. If there are 9 grams of sugar there are 36 calories. In addition, the ingredient list leaves much to be desired. Fiber is a spectacular complex carbohydrate to add to any weight loss diet, but it is not as effective as the product description would like it to be. Dieters eating fiber before meals tend to eat less – in volume – but that does not mean they will eat fewer calories.

Resveratrol is an anti-aging ingredient used in weight loss products for some unknown reason. If the dieter wants to look younger, instead of thinner, this ingredient could help. SerinAid boosts mood. Many prescription weight loss pills work on the same premise. Make the dieter feel better and the dieter will stick with a diet and exercise plan long enough to lose weight. The trouble is dieters with a history of depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder should never take mood altering ingredients.

Vitamin D3 is a healthy addition, but it is also commonly found in multi-vitamins. There are no weight loss benefits associated with Vitamin D3.

Neuro Trim sells for $30 for 12 bottles. This package lasts 12 days so the dieter will spend more than $60 a month on the supplement.

There are no proven ingredients in Neuro Trim and some of the ingredients are unsafe for some dieters. It is important to seek guidance from your physician before taking this supplement if you have ever had mental issues.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Priced comparably with other weight loss products.
  • Cool label and bottle.


  • No proven ingredients.
  • Some ingredients are unsafe for some dieters.
  • No fat burners.


Neuro Trim is not a slimming supplement at all. The only active ingredient is fiber, which the company claims to be a 300 year-old secret ingredient. Fiber may stop the dieter from overeating portion sizes, but it does not stop them from eating calorie dense foods like sweets, pizza, pasta or fatty fried foods.

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