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If you are looking for a diet book, then you have a lot of options to consider. It seems like everyone is writing a diet book these days. This includes famous chefs, actors, and other celebrities. Not to mention all of the exercise and fitness gurus out there. Well, in order to find a diet book that meets your expectations, you might want to begin with your weight loss and/or health goals. This is always a good starting point. Now, we are going to focus on one text in particular, which is entitled Never Say Diet. This book was written by Chantel Hobbs, and it is available online through Amazon.


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Product Features

Never Say Diet is intended to assist you with weight reduction and weight management. This book focuses on helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle. This means changing your eating habits and avoiding fad diets that fail to work. Chantel Hobbs is a motivational speaker and fitness trainer, and she dropped over 200 pounds. So, her methods are basically covered in this book. This approach to weight loss includes 30 minutes of exercise each day.

The Never Say Diet text elaborates on how traditional “dieting” is not ideal for long-term weight loss. Instead, this book discusses a 16-week program for losing weight and improving overall health. A strict diet plan is necessary, and daily routines need to be adjusted in order for success. A key factor in this weight loss book is making healthy food choices. It is encouraged to plan a week’s worth the meals ahead of time. This way you can portion out what you eat and keep track of everything. The book provides healthy meal recommendations, as well as nutritional information. Some foods that are recommended are vegetables, peanut butter, fruit, lean beef, skin milk, whole grain bread, low-fat yogurt, almonds, salsa, green tea, and egg beaters.

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  • A healthy eating plan is encouraged in this diet.
  • Regular exercise is part of the Never Say Diet method.


  • Some dieters may not like the complete lifestyle change.
  • There are many comparable diet books on the market today.
  • No convenient supplements are included with Never Say Diet.


Put simply, it is difficult to pinpoint the best or most effective diet book. After all, there are more and more of these books emerging each year. While Never Say Diet sounds promising for weight loss and overall health, some dieters will not like changing their entire lifestyle. Therefore this book is certainly not suitable for everyone. You must also take into account the lack of supplements involved. If you prefer a more simplified diet pill, then Never Say Diet is not the best option for you.

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