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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The New Body Shaper by Kymaro helps to shape the body and smooth out lumps and bumps associated with being overweight. The shaper does not promise to increase weight loss nor is there mention of weight loss anywhere on the website. The only weight loss support a dieter could get from the New Body Shaper by Kymaro is the idea of what the body would look like if weight was lost.

List of Ingredients

Tight fitting body shaper.

Product Features

The New Body Shaper by Kymaro is a tight-fitting tank top that smoothes the body. According to the website description, the New Body Shaper will slim down inches in seconds and reduce waist size dramatically. Without metal bars and wires, the New Body Shaper may be more comfortable than other shapers or constricting clothing. Testimonials on the official website show users slimming down up to 8-inches just by wearing the New Body Shaper.

A few minor problems are associated with the New Body Shaper. The first is in regards to consumers with a larger abdominal area. The New Body Shaper is not very long and may ride up from time to time. When the shaper rolls up it could be very uncomfortable and restrictive. The New Body Shaper is also very tight and thus difficult to put on without help. People with medical conditions of the stomach and back should consult with their physician before wearing the New Body Shaper.

There is one major problem with the New Body Shaper by Kymaro – it does not support healthy weight loss. The shaper claims to make the wearer look up to 20 pounds slimmer, but that is not healthy weight loss. Most of the users on the website are overweight, but there is no mention of using the shaper with a healthy diet and exercise program.

The New Body Shaper sells for $29.95. The consumer is sent with a free bottom shaper, free Kymaro cami and a 2nd of each so you get two shapers, two bottoms and two camis, but shipping and handling is added to every free item. Returns are accepted but the consumer will need a 20% restocking fee plus shipping and handling on all products returned.

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  • The New Body Shaper is less expensive than other diet or weight loss products.
  • The consumer gets two sets of shapers.
  • New Body Shaper does slim the body substantially.


  • No weight loss information is given to help dieters lose weight.
  • The New Body Shaper will not increase weight loss.
  • The slimming effect could cause back pain for some users.


We are all about helping dieters feel better about themselves, but the New Body Shaper may be a bit too tight for some dieters. The cost is low, but the return process may cost the consumer more than they are willing to pay if the product needs to be returned.

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