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The New Castle Diet is a very low calorie diet program created based on research from New Castle Univeristy in the United Kingdom. The study followed 11 type 2 diabetics for eight weeks to determine the effects of the program on their health and weight loss. While this diet isn’t designed for everyone, understanding the basics of this plan may help you if you’re trying to get your diabetes under control.

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The New Castle Diet study followed 11 type 2 diabetics and kept them under constant medical supervision for eight weeks. Every day for eight weeks, no more than 800 calories a day were consumed. The patients were allowed to drink up to two optifast meal replacement shake for 600 calories, and then were told to eat at least three portions of non-starchy vegetables. They had to drink no less than two liters of water every day. They were not allowed to eat: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, salt, alcohol, fruit, dairy, bread, pasta, rice, or starchy vegetables. Three months after the study, seven of the 11 participants were regarded as “diabetes free.” Under this plan, no exercise is recommended because you don’t want to place your body under any uncessary stress, but you should maintain your regular physical activity.

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  • The New Castle Diet looks promising for helping people with type 2 diabetes.
  • The fast weight loss results at the beginning of the diet give motivation to continue with a healthy lifestyle.
  • The study participants not only saw weight loss and blood sugar level improvement, they also noticed an improved well-being.


  • The New Castle Diet is dangerous when not properly monitored by a medical professional.
  • You may experience detox symptoms for the first few days of the program.
  • This diet is nutritionally inadequate.
  • You can likely get the same results through a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • The required liquid meal replacements may be expensive to use on a regular basis.
  • The exact mechanisms that make this approach work are not extensively identified or researched.


The New Castle Diet is not one we recommend for the average person. We certainly do not recommend using such a low calorie diet without the advice and supervision of a medical professional. While this study demonstrated great potential to completely rid patients of Type 2 Diabetes, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the condition at bay. Further studies need to be done to determine the long term effects of a diet like this. Rather than using this approach, it is adviseable to follow a nutritionally balanced, slightly reduced calorie diet that factors in regular exercise. There are also many weight loss supplements in the form of appetite suppressants and/or fat burners that are safe for diabetics. Adding one of these to your daily routine can help increase your weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone.

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