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There are plenty of dieters out there who have tried nearly every weight loss supplement without any luck whatsoever. Sometimes weight loss is not promoted with stimulants and appetite suppressants, but with an inner change. According to centuries of ancient medicine, New Chapter Holy Basil supports the body’s reaction to stress and increases energy naturally by promoting health Chakra. Clinically, the supplement is proven to reduce blood glucose and offer strong antioxidant properties. People who are overweight or obese tend to suffer from many of the beginning signs of diabetes known as metabolic disorder. Controlling blood glucose response is the first step in controlling diabetes and hunger.

List of Ingredients

Holy Basil 800 mg.

Product Features

Supplement manufacturers can write anything in a product description, but there are ways of checking claims against clinical findings. According to New Chapter, Holy Basil is proven to “safely increase physical and emotional endurance, improve the body’s response to stress, and enhance adrenal function.” Clinical trials support using Holy Basil to reduce blood glucose, reduce oxidative stress and reduce cholesterol levels. While the claims are not exactly equal with clinical findings, there are proven health benefits of taking New Chapter Holy Basil.

In terms of weight loss, blood glucose control is the most important benefit. When dieters eat carbohydrates, the body responds by releasing glucose. When metabolism is complete, glucose levels fall, sometimes too low. If glucose levels drop below normal, the body signals hunger so the dieter will eat more carbohydrates to raise glucose levels again. This is not real hunger, but a perceived need for carbohydrates due to the glucose drop.

Though we like the New Chapter website, we are a little let down that the company does not list the clinical trials to which the product description refers. If the dieter could read clinical trials, or at least testimonials, they may trust the company and purchase more products. As it stands, there is no proof the information in the product description is anything more than a marketing ploy.

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  • Holy Basil may help control blood glucose and suppress hunger.
  • May reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol.
  • Clinical trials support health benefits of Holy Basil.


  • Will not promote weight loss by increasing metabolism.
  • New Chapter does not list clinical studies supporting the supplement.
  • We found no testimonials for New Chapter Holy Basil.


New Chapter Holy Basil is a safe and effective supplement for controlling blood glucose, according to clinical studies. The dieter needs all the help they can get controlling hunger and this supplement may help fight the worst hunger – carbohydrate cravings. New Chapter lets down the consumer by offering benefit claims without clinical support of those benefits.

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    My friend has multi focal immune disorder. Has IVIG treatments every two months.
    Any contraindications?