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New Chapter Rhodiola Force is a stress-relieving supplement. The effects of stress on the human body are associated with weight gain, reduced immunity and insomnia. Everyone feels the effects of stress once in a while, but it is the constant stress of a fast-paced life combined with life struggles and weight loss that affect dieters most. The body reacts to stress physically. Dieters may not feel the physical reaction, but it is very real. Blood pulls from the extremities and centers on the core of the body. The body prepares to run away from a fight or face the fight head on. Fighting the fight or flight response requires relaxation and breathing techniques, but until the dieter can learn how to control the effects of stress, a supplement like New Chapter Rhodiola Force is ideal.

List of Ingredients

Rhodiola Root Extract.

Product Features

Dieters will react differently to New Chapter Rhodiola Force. The suggest dose starts with one capsule before breakfast. After three days, if the dieter is not feeling improved energy and mood, the manufacturer suggests adding a second capsule before lunch. Up to four capsules, two at breakfast and two at lunch can be taken safely. The dieter can expect to feel less stressed and more in control after taking the supplement.

As is the case with any supplement that affects mood, New Chapter Rhodiola is not safe for dieters taking prescription mood altering medications. If a dieter suffers from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, panic or bipolar disorder, it is best to seek medical attention before taking this supplement. Mood altering supplements can cause mood swings in patients with mental illness. At times, the reaction can lead to life threatening side effects, especially in patients with a history of suicidal thoughts.

New Chapter does not list any clinical trials supporting stress relief associated with rhodiola, but the product description does offer the fact that Russian athletes use rhodiola to increase energy, though no link is included as the source of this information.

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  • May boost mood and relieve stress.
  • May fight the effects of stress and help the dieter gain control of the stress response.
  • May boost energy.
  • Costs less than other energy boosting, stress relieving supplements.


  • Dieters will not see increased weight loss.
  • New Chapter Rhodiola is not safe for dieters with a history of mental illness.
  • Should not be taken with other mood altering supplements or medications.


Fighting stress is important to living a healthy, happy life. Dieters may not know the body is reacting physically to stress, but the reaction is very real. Over time, stress can lead to physical pain, reduced immunity and decreased happiness. While lifestyle changes are required to permanently deal with stress, a supplement like New Chapter Rhodiola may help the dieter gain an upper hand on stress.

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