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Every once in a while a new superfood comes out and the world rushes to buy up the supplement in hopes of spectacular weight loss results. That new toy for dieters is turmeric. Recent studies have found turmeric helpful for increasing fat metabolism. Also known as Indian saffron, the spice is typically used to add flavor to foods. In supplement form, like New Chapter Turmeric Force, saffron is packed in an easy to take form without the need to eat tons of food laden with the spice. One serving of New Chapter Turmeric Force contains 400 mg of turmeric. The supplement is packed in olive oil for a slight fatty acid boost.

List of Ingredients

Turmeric Supercritical Extract and Hydroethanolic Extract.

Product Features

Currently, there are no human clinical trials supporting weight loss claims associated with turmeric, but all trials start with animals, so science is likely to catch up quickly. New Chapter Turmeric may support weight loss in one of two ways. First, it increases the release of bile in animal studies. Bile is responsible for breaking down fats in the abdominal area. The second possible effect is associated with the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric combined with the spice’s ability to help control blood sugar response. Together, these two reactions could help reduce fat. In rat studies, animals receiving a turmeric supplement lost more weight than rats not taking the supplement.

We are often skeptical when animal studies are used to promote a human weight loss supplement, but turmeric is not a new supplement. Clinical trials have been completed on the supplement for a long list of health benefits with positive results. Even if the animals studies prove to be flawed or irrelevant to humans, New Chapter Turmeric Force still offers healthy benefits for the dieter without the threat of negative side effects.

The suggested dose of New Chapter Turmeric Force is one capsule in the middle of the largest meal of the day. The dieter must drink 8 ounces of water with the supplement.

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  • May help promote weight loss.
  • Animal studies support increased weight loss and reduced fat stores.
  • May help control blood glucose.
  • Clinically proven to have health benefits.
  • The supplement does not carry negative side effects.
  • Cheaper than a fat burner.


  • No human studies have been completed in terms of weight loss.
  • May not have the same effect as a proven fat burner.


We like turmeric and the supplement needs to be taken once per day so the dieter does not have to worry about multiple doses impeding life. While only animal studies have been completed thus far, in terms of weight loss, we are quite certain New Chapter Turmeric Force supports overall health on a level that is worth taking the supplement even if the weight loss benefits are only found in animals.

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    having only taken turmeric for two days, then skipping two days and taking it again today, it makes me feel sick. I am very disappointed. any suggestions?