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The New Day, Your Way program is funded by Kmart. The company invites dieters to join a weight loss contest in January of each year. Contestants are asked to weigh in several times during the 16-week program. There is no specific diet that must be followed, but dieters must lose a minimum of two pounds every two weeks to stay in the game. Weigh ins are also used to ensure dieters are not losing too quickly, though we have no idea how the company reacts to people losing lots of weight. Some diets, like the Atkins diet, can cause more than average weight loss for the first month or two. Each weigh-in, leaders win cash and prizes. At the end of the New Day, Your Way contest winners are given makeovers, photo shoots and a long list of other prizes.

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Weight loss contest by Kmart.

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The official website for the New Day, Your Way program is still live, but it has not been updated since 2008. The program may no longer be signing up new contestants each January. The weight loss and dieting tips and information are still available, however, for free. Dieters can read through the articles to learn more about healthy weight loss and the New Day, Your Way program. The program is clearly designed for women as no men are pictured on the official website. There is no mention of the program being for women only, however, so we assume men can join the contest as well.

Under the “Eat Well” tab, dieters are given advice on how to determine real hunger and mental factors that cause weight gain. Dieters can also learn about keeping fit, metabolic rate and flexibility. Sections on motivation and beauty are also available.

Tools and trackers are available free for contestants. These include a BMI Calculator, Special Event Calculator and Slim-Fast Plan Guide. The contestant must log in to gain access to the Slim-Fast information.

The link provided to register for the program in 2008 is no longer active. We did not find links for the program beyond 2008. Chances are, the Kmart company no longer holds the contest, but the company leaves the information online for general weight loss support for previous contestants and dieters seeking such information.

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  • There is no cost to red through weight loss and general health articles.
  • Supports healthy eating and exercise.
  • Contestants win prizes for losing weight.


  • No longer an active program by Kmart.
  • Aimed primarily at women.


New Day, Your Way was a unique way to lose weight and gain cash and prizes for doing so. The program, sponsored by Kmart, is no longer active, but dieters can read through the health and weight loss information available on the official website, free.

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