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The New Direction Fitness Program was created by Ben Jackson. Located in Danville, California, the New Direction Fitness clubs are based on a total body fitness improvement through personalized fitness plans, sports strengthening and speed conditioning. There is currently only one fitness club open in Danville, California. The core of the New Direction program is the founders fight with body weight gain. The total body program is aimed at providing support on all aspects of weight loss with a focus on fitness. The gym is not a weight loss clinic and provides more fitness support than weight loss coaching.


The New Direction Fitness Program is a fitness gym. There are personal trainers, personalized training plans, buddy plans, speed training, power assessments, posture analysis, posture correction, core training, and sports specific training. These programs are carried out on state of the art fitness machines.

In addition to the fitness coaching, New Direction provides gym members with a diet analysis, calorie log, body composition testing, cardio analysis and tips on good nutrition.

Product Features

With a membership to the New Direction club, the gym member will get access to personal training, nutritional tips, body analysis and all gym equipment. There are no prices available online for the gym membership. The interested consumer will need to contact the local gym for pricing information and specials.

The gym offers a onetime consultation for no charge to those who wish to try out the gym and services before signing a contract with the gym.

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  • The gym provides weight loss coaching.
  • Body composition is taken into consideration.
  • One on one coaching is available.
  • The gym founder has successfully lost weight and maintained that weight loss.


  • The New Direction gym is the same as every other gym in America.
  • There are no new ideas.
  • The website is focused more on fitness and athletic training than weight loss.
  • No pricing information is provided to the interested consumer.
  • There are no before and after pictures of current or past gym members.


The New Direction fitness plan is nothing more than a gym. There are no dedicated plans or exercise regimes offered that applies a new direction of any sort to weight loss. The PDF flyer does speak briefly about weight loss, but mentions permanent fat loss as one of the things the gym can provide. That claim is one that is not substantiated with the testimonials. The gym attempted to expand by opening more locations which eventually all relocated back to one central location as a super New Direction facility. The gym offers more fitness and training solutions than weight loss options.

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