New Vitality Ruby Collagen Review

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New Vitality is a supplement company that offers quite a few good supplements. The company lists all ingredients used to formulate products, offers a money back guarantee and free shipping on some orders. Customer service contact information is simple to find and the website is easy to navigate. For all of the things New Vitality does right, there are supplements that fall short of ideal. Ruby Collagen is a protein supplement derived from beef collagen. Some dieters may be uncomfortable taking the supplement due to the source and others who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle would simply refuse to take the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Beef Collagen, Potassium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Strawberry Flavor, Beet Powder and Stevia.

Product Features

Collagen is found in humans and animals. It connects tissues, keeps ligaments flexible and gives skin that healthy appearance. Collagen also supports healthy joints and skin hydration. New Vitality Ruby Collagen mixes beef collagen with a strawberry flavor and tempts the consumer with promises of improved skin and joints, but this could be stretching the truth a bit.

Collagen naturally occurs in the human body in 25 forms. Consuming collagen is not the same as producing collagen. Collagen supplements go through the digestive process just like other foods and the body utilizes the protein like all other sources of protein. Just because the protein source is beef collagen does not mean it remains as collagen after digestion.

In addition to the supplements being digested, the amount of collagen needed to make an impact in a human is far greater than any supplement currently contains. One expert claimed collagen supplements are nothing more than expensive supplements that create expensive urine as the ingredients are digested and passed out of the body.

New Vitality Ruby Collagen sells for $39.95 per bottle, far more than other protein supplements.

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  • Contact information is available with a live chat.
  • Free shipping is available.
  • New Vitality sells all products directly.
  • All ingredients for the supplement are listed on the product description page.


  • The effects of collagen are not as claimed.
  • The supplement may not contain enough collagen to have any effect.
  • Collagen protein is digested like any other protein.


The description for New Vitality Ruby Collagen claims the supplement will do wonders for joint health and skin health, but this is simply not the case. Dieters can easily consume a healthy source of low calorie protein by taking the supplement, but protein powders will supply the same benefit for less cost. Experts debate the effectiveness of any collagen supplement so it is not specifically the New Vitality variety under the microscope.

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