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New Wave Enviro supplies environmentally friendly water bottles and filters. Drinking fresh, clean water throughout the day is crucial to weight loss. Most often, tap water is laced with chlorine leaving a bad taste in a dieter’s mouth. In order to battle tap water taste, water bottles may be used and thrown away. For the eco-friendly dieter, New Wave Enviro supplies everything needed to drink water straight from the tap and keep both Mother Earth and the mouth happy.

List of Ingredients

Water filters, reusable water bottles and eco-friendly carrying totes.

Product Features

New Wave Enviro is a one stop shop for everything water. From stainless steel water bottles, BPA free plastic, there is a long list of bottles to choose from. The bottle, however, is worthless without clean tasting water and New Wave Enviro has that covered as well. Drinking and bath water filters are available in counter and under counter models.

New products include bottle sized single water filters and stainless steel water bottles with sippy cup attachments for children. Prices for New Wave Enviro products will vary hugely with under counter water filtration systems being priced at the upper end of the spectrum. Online ordering is not supported, but visitors can locate a local store that carries New Wave Enviro products or call the available toll free number for more information.

Water consumption is important to successful weight loss, dieting, exercise and overall health. New Wave Enviro style products can be found in most major retailers and superstores. Prices for New Wave Enviro branded merchandise may be higher than store brands that offer the same clean tasting water and environmental support.

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  • New Wave Enviro supports healthy water consumption.
  • All plastic products are BPA free.
  • Some products are made from all-natural materials like bamboo.
  • Dieters may drink more water if it tastes better.


  • New Wave Enviro products may be priced higher than other brands.
  • Online ordering is not supported.
  • There is no way of telling the prices without visiting a local store.
  • Stores are not located in all 50 states.


Nearly every diet plan, weight loss supplement and exercise plan will suggest a dieter drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water helps to flush toxins out of the body, maintain healthy digestion and keep bowels moving freely. Some well water or treated water can taste of chlorine or carry a sulfur like smell. The water may be completely safe to drink, but the dieter may not want to drink more water if the taste if awful. New Wave Enviro offers a wealth of great information on earth and environmentally friendly products, but does not offer much weight loss support.

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