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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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New Whey Liquid Protein is designed for dieters prescribed a liquid diet comprised of high protein levels. Bariatric surgery is specifically named in the product description. After weight loss surgery, patients must consume a liquid diet with very few carbohydrates for quite a while. This supplement could be very beneficial for patients post-surgery as one “shot” contains 42 grams of protein from three protein sources. The shot is available in acai berry, blue raspberry, fruit punch, orange, grape, green apple and watermelon. Most protein shots offer fewer flavors. There are no testimonials revealing how New Whey Liquid Protein really tastes.

List of Ingredients


  • Pure Carbon Filtered Water
  • Collagen Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Casein Protein Isolate

Product Features

New Whey Liquid Protein was originally designed for bariatric patients. The protein shot was released on 2005 in two sizes – 25 gram and 42 grams. The product did not stick with weight loss patients for long. Fitness buffs and athletes soon recognized the power of a zero sugar, zero fat supplement. The product description claims New Whey Liquid Protein contains zero carbohydrates, but the product label reveals there are 2 carbs per serving.

Another problem with the supplement is the name. There are three types of protein in New Whey Liquid Protein – collage, casein and whey. The name implies only whey protein is used. We like the fact that multiple types of protein are added, especially casein because it breaks down more slowly than whey protein, but the company should have taken all ingredients into consideration before giving the protein shot the name “whey protein.”

New Whey Liquid Protein sells for nearly $50 per 12-pack. This breaks down to about $4 per shot. That is very expensive compared to powdered zero carbohydrate, zero sugar, zero fat protein mixes, which tend to retail for about $60 per 3-pound canister.

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  • Complete protein supplement packaged in a convenient tube container.
  • Contains 42 grams of protein per serving.
  • Comes in multiple fruity flavors.
  • Designed for bariatric surgery patients.


  • Does contain carbohydrates, though listed as carbohydrate-free.
  • Much more expensive than comparable powdered protein supplements.
  • May not taste the best.


New Whey Liquid Protein is not a supplement for everyone. One shot contains about 200 calories and 42 grams of protein. This is more of a meal replacement or workout shot than a weight loss supplement. Ideally, the dieter could break the protein down into several snacks throughout the day to reduce hunger and ensure they are meeting nutritional requirements while reducing calorie intake. However, the shot is not carb free and most protein shots tend to taste horrible.

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  • 1
    Your Robin

    I am using these, but only a half of one diluted with water. the taste is strong but diluting it is working.


  • 2

    I had bariatric surgery and have had loose stools. Lately, I cannot hold my bowels and have bad diarreah. Could this protein be the culprit. I am not on any meds..just vitamins


    Stephen (Editor)

    If after stopping this protein you notice a return of your bowel control, it is likely due to the product. Don’t forget to ask your doctor. keep us updated.


  • 3
    Scott Sutton

    I had the Gastric Sleeve and I have used this product for about a month. I was having a lot of issues keeping up my protein so I tried this and it made a huge difference in my protein intake. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to increase their protein intake and not increase their calories.


  • 4
    margo gray

    How much phosphorous does it have


  • 5
    Kitty Landry

    I am a bariatric patient. I have tried the orange, watermelon and Acai berry. They all are very strong strong so I ice them down, after 10 minutes or so they are much easier to swallow. But overall a very good product.



    Thanks I’m going to try them


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