New York City Ballet The Complete Workout Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Many dieters look at professional athletes and celebrities as role models when trying to lose weight. One of the thinnest groups of people is ballet stars. The New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout is a fast workout that uses traditional dance movements and training exercises to help the follower improve strength and flexibility while building the body of a dancer. This workout is not for everyone. The workout description claims anyone of any fitness level can follow along, but the moves on some portions of the DVD may be too fast and too difficult for a beginner with lots of weight to lose.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD based on ballet dancing.

Product Features

Each DVD contains two complete workouts and video diaries from real life ballet dancers with the New York City Ballet. The workout focuses on upper body, lower body, core, abdominals and flexibility. The followers will Plie, Tendu and Degage into a new, thinner, stronger body. Some consumer reviews comment on the challenging aspects of the DVD while others complain about bad transitions, poor lighting and the lack of a ballet dance in the workout. There is very little information on the workout itself, but we gather from consumer reviews that the follower will be working out like a ballet dancer, not learning to do ballet dance moves.

The New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout is created for a very small niche of the weight loss and fitness market. Followers need some background in ballet in order to follow the moves. Professional dancers may be a bit too advanced for the workout, as some dancers claimed the moves are “dumbed down.” But, complete newbies to the art of ballet may find the moves too confusing until they have learned them all. Learning new moves is required of any workout DVD, but this is such a small niche that followers may not have any idea what the instructors are doing, unlike general workout DVDs.

The New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout sells for $26.49 on The buyer receives volume one and volume two of the workout in the complete package.

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  • Total body workout with the grace of a ballet dancer.
  • May improve flexibility.
  • May increase strength.
  • May increase metabolism.


  • Priced higher than other workout DVDs.
  • May be too advanced for some followers.
  • Transitions are difficult to follow.
  • Lighting is not ideal during the workout.


For the dieter who has a background in ballet, the New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout package may bring them back to their roots. The absolute beginner will likely have trouble following the moves and completing the workout.

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