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Traditional fitness routines typically focus on one aspect of fitness, either strength training or cardiovascular training. Rarely do the products combine both. When the products combine both, the workouts are ineffective and will not produce the result necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle. The reason being, the workouts maintain a consistent level of intensity. The proven method of training must incorporate intervals into any fitness routine, especially high impact intervals.

The Nexersys boxing training system is a product that addresses strength training, cardiovascular training, while promoting activities that embrace high impact interval training. The fitness routines are endless, allowing the individual countless hour of fun and fitness.

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  • Fitness equipment company.

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Nexersys is no ordinary fitness product. On first glance, the product looks more like a boxing trainer, but in fact the product addresses kicking and punching. By combining both, the dieter has the ability to work both upper and lower body simultaneously. The fitness rounds are not one level, but address the proven techniques of interval training. Individuals have the ability to learn and perform proper technique, spar, strike, play fitness games and work core muscles.

The product is available on the official website for $2,500. This is expensive and we feel as if the budget-conscience will feel the same way.

We feel as if the fitness routines are not ideal for all fitness types. Striking and kicking place a large emphasis on joints, resulting in undue stress. We also noticed the product does not address diet. This is important considering the intensity level of the fitness routines.

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  • The product is used in group fitness classes.
  • The product addresses upper and lower body conditioning.
  • Infinite amount of fitness routines.


  • The product is not backed by clinical research or trials.
  • The product will not guarantee weight loss.
  • The fitness routines are not ideal for all fitness types.
  • The product does not address diet or supplementation.
  • The product is expensive.


We like the innovation of Nexersys. The product goes beyond traditional cardiovascular and strength training by combining the two most effective forms of fitness training. We also like the computerized fitness plans. Typical fitness products feature up to 20 fitness programs, where as the Nexersys offers an endless amount of fitness routines. This ensures the dieter will not become complacent while training. The workouts remain fresh and up-to-date.

What the average dieter will not like is the price of the product. On the official website, the product retails for $2,500. Although the fitness routines are endless, the price is not within the typical budget of the average dieter. We also noticed accessories for the product increase the cost by a minimum of $40.

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    I have to ask this if anyone kbswonut if i am at the gym lifting weights mon-friday and off the weekends but i am working out the whole body all week am i over doing it or am i doing this right