NextFit Keychain Trainer Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The NextFit Keychain Trainer is unlike any other fitness device we have reviewed. The unit is as small as a tube of lipstick and allows the dieter to workout anywhere there is a computer with Internet access. The tube is a USB hub that connects to online workouts, music and instruction. Every time the dieter sticks the USB plug into the computer, the website for the NextFit Keychain Trainer suggests workouts based on previous choices. There is a fee for the keychain and a monthly membership required to continue using the NextFit Keychain Trainer.

List of Ingredients

USB Keychain with workout videos and music.

Product Features

The small, lightweight USB keychain is ideal for women on the go. From that hotel room in Houston, the business woman can plug the NextFit Keychain Trainer into a personal computer and choose from a long list of available workouts. New workouts are added, sometimes daily, and the user has complete access to the new workouts as soon as they are uploaded to the website.

There is a $99 fee for the NextFit Keychain Trainer. The first month of use is free, but the dieter will need to pay about $25 per month after that first month to remain active on the website. That $25 fee is close enough to a gym membership fee that we wonder whether the dieter gets enough out of the purchase to continue paying $25 a month for website access.

Users do not have to choose workouts from the same instructor every time. There are more than 12 instructors on the download website. Instructors include Jay Cutler, Kathy Smith and Jim Ryno. Not every instructor is ideal for every dieter. Jay Cutler, for instance, is a professional bodybuilder.

We did not find an official website for the NextFit Keychain Trainer, but we did find a website offering downloads for the NextFit.

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  • Allows the dieter to change workouts every day and never complete the same workout twice.
  • Includes alternative exercise instruction like weight training.
  • The first month’s access is free.


  • Too expensive for most dieters.
  • Dieters need to pay a monthly access fee for the USB keychain to work.
  • Not all workouts are ideal for all dieters.
  • The monthly maintenance fee is just as expensive as a gym membership.
  • Requires a personal computer and Internet access.
  • If a computer is not available, the dieter cannot use the keychain.


Dieters want to change up a workout from time to time to prevent boredom. The NextFit Keychain Trainer supports just that with a constantly changing list of workout routines. The dieter must pay nearly $100 for the unit and a $25 per month fee to access workouts.

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