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Nice Girls Finish Fat is a book by Karen R. Koenig LCSW, M Ed. The book addresses a secondary issue of weight gain – taking care of everyone else while you let your personal needs go by the way side. According to the author, nice girls are the ones who do everything for everyone else and simply work themselves to the point of collapse. When they collapse, they do so into a vat of chocolate chip cookies, as the author claims, or any other comfort food that makes them feel good right this minute. Many overweight and obese women can relate with those late night meals and snacks when exhaustion takes over and it just seems like too much to think about to fix a healthy meal.

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  • Book on learning to love and respect yourself as much as you love and respect others.

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The idea behind the Nice Girls Finish Fat book is to learn more about you – what you need, what you want and what you deserve. Focusing on personal goals and expectations and actually giving you time to achieve those expectations is extremely hard for many women. With home, life, finances, work and more – life gets in the way of living and then you lose track somewhere and start just existing.

Some of the tips offered in the book are how to say no when you really want to say no and how to put yourself first when you want to put yourself first. Along the way you’ll learn to choose self-worth over foods every time and that will equate to weight loss, healthy living and a fitter you.

The author of the book is a nutritionist that specializes in teaching people how normal people look at food and eating. If chronic dieters and overeaters can see things through a different set of eyes, maybe they can control how they react to food.

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  • The author is trained in nutrition.
  • The program focuses on the mental aspect of weight gain.
  • If a woman feels better about herself she is more apt to stick with a diet program.


  • Will not work for every dieter.
  • There are no details about the foods allowed on the diet.


The analogies between food and taking care of you are abundant on the website for Nice Girls Finish Fat. There is some truth to what the author says about living for you first and putting you above others to improve health and weight loss, but we’re not sure all dieters will like the idea or delivery behind the book.

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