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Nicola Graimes is an author with a long line of cookbooks for children and adults. The topics of the cookbooks vary widely with some available on juicing, vegetarian cuisine and healthy brain food. Nicola Graimes includes fast and fun recipes with full color pictures to guide the dieter through cooking either for something new or to achieve a slimmer physique. While there does not appear to be an official website for Nicola Graimes, the author has information listed on various author websites. She is a lifelong journalist and editor who have been writing books for more than 20 years.

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Books and cookbooks on healthy, fast and fun eating choices.

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Nicola Graimes does not claim to be a health food expert. She does, however, offer many cookbooks and recipe guides for people looking to try new things or involve children in the kitchen. Some of the more weight loss based books include her Big Book of Low Carb Recipes and Cooking with Whole Foods. The low carb recipe book includes carbohydrate totals for all finished dishes, but calories, proteins and fats are not listed. This is common with low carb recipes as most dieters on this type of plan are more interested in carb totals than calorie totals.

No other recipe books or cookbooks by Nicola Graimes appear to have nutritional information. This is unfortunate for the dieter who could use these healthy recipes to spice up a bland weight loss diet. If a reader is forced to calculate nutritional information, they might as well search the Internet for weight loss recipes and exciting ways to change up meals from time to time.

Nicola Graimes offers eBook and print books ranging in price from $15 to $20. Some books will have shipping and handling costs.

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  • New and exciting recipes for dieters.
  • Some books are available in eBook format.
  • Photographs are included for most of the recipes.


  • Nutritional information is not available for most recipes.
  • Some of the recipes may not be low calorie.
  • Dieters may be able to find the same recipes online free.
  • Low carbohydrate recipes list only carb counts.


Nicola Graimes offers a series of cookbooks for children and adults who want to eat healthier. The children’s books include quite a bit of great information about nutritional goals and proper eating habits. Most adults will either already know this information or be able to locate it online free. If the cookbooks included calorie and fat counts, the author may be able to market them to people trying to lose weight. Otherwise, Nicola Graimes just comes across as another author pushing out old recipes with a new twist and bright photographs.

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