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Night Eating Syndrome is sometimes Morning Anorexia. This syndrome is defined as eating little to nothing in the morning and throughout the day and then binging at night. Many people with Night Eating Syndrome also begin to feel depressed and agitated before they binge and many of them also have insomnia. This is a real clinical illness and it is not only described as an eating disorder, but as a mood disorder and sleep disorder as well. Many people suffering from this disorder are often misdiagnosed as being anorexic, bulimic or a compulsive overeater because Night Eating Syndrome is still relatively new to many medical professionals. Many people suffering from this disorder are unable to fall asleep until they give into their cravings for food. Most people give into these cravings or this compulsion and that is how Night Sleep Syndrome often begins. Most people with Night Eating Syndrome will consume approximately thirty five percent of their daily calories in the evening and they tend to consume foods that are high in both sugar and carbohydrates. This syndrome often leads to weight gain and almost always obesity in those who do not seek help in a timely manner.

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Those with Night Eating Syndrome will experience similar symptoms, but since all people are different these symptoms may vary from person to person and the intensity of the symptoms may vary as well. Those with this syndrome will consume more than half of their daily calories during dinner and often after dinner in night time binging episodes. Those suffering will often binge at night almost every night and these binges can last from several minutes to several hours. Those suffering from Night Eating Syndrome may also wake up during the night to eat more. Those suffering may experience insomnia as well as have trouble staying asleep. Those suffering from this disorder may also feel guilty, nervous, disturbed or worried when they are engaged in their night time binges.

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  • Night Eating Syndrome is now officially recognized by doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Those suffering from this disorder can obtain information on their issues.


  • As of now, no treatment exists for Night Eating Syndrome.
  • There is little research available about this disorder.
  • Since the recognition of this disorder is relatively new. many medical professionals misdiagnose it.


Night Eating Syndrome is not just an eating disorder, but a mood disorder as well. Those suffering from it tend to experience weight gain and eventually obesity. Since the recognition of Night Eating Syndrome is relatively new to medical professionals many patients with this syndrome are misdiagnosed and that leads to further weight gain as well as other complications. It is recommended by medical professionals that those who feel they have this disorder stress that to their physicians or psychologists in order to receive the proper advice. There is currently no confirmed course of treatment for Night Eating Syndrome and there is also no work on the progress being made to find one.

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