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Fitness requires motivation to continue to push forward. At times, you want to reach you goals, but lack the necessary tools to complete the task. This is where Nike Plus comes into play. Nike Plus is software that tracks your fitness goals, allows individuals to set goals, provides access to world-class trainers, improve performance and challenge friends. Nike Plus started out as a running application, but soon became integrated into apparel, video games and the popular Nike Plus Fuelband. Although the software is free to download, you will need a supporting product to access the features.

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  • Nike Plus is a fitness-tracking program.

Product Features

Nike Plus is a tracking system designed to help individuals track fitness performance. The tracking system works with the Fuelband, which displays your energy exertion. The program also works with the sports watch with integrated GPS, the Nike Sportsband, as well as video games on the Xbox Kinect and Nike Plus basketball.

Nike Plus tracks a variety of workouts, depending on the product you purchased. Nike Plus is free as an application for iOS and Android devices and only tracks running. If you want to track fitness or all day tracking, you will need to purchase an additional product. This is where the cost could potentially out of reach for the average dieter. The most inexpensive product is the Sportsband, retailing for $59. The most expensive is Nike Plus basketball, retailing for $250.

Similar to other tracking software, you need motivation to continue to push yourself to achieve your goals. There is a way to seek support when using Nike Plus, but you need to remain focused in order to optimize your goals.

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  • The application for mobile devices is free.
  • Nike Plus tracks fitness and exercise.
  • You have the ability to join the Nike Plus for free.
  • You can set personal goals.
  • You have access to trainers.
  • You can challenge friends.


  • Nike Plus integrated products are expensive.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • You still need motivation to achieve your goals.


We like Nike Plus. The program takes fitness tracking to a new level. You have the ability to track your results in real time, while exercising, not after. Your information in turn is used to help you achieve your fitness goals. The main concern is the price of the Nike Plus supported products. Unless you are simply using the running application on your Android or iOS device, you will need to invest a minimum of $60 for a product.

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