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Nikken is a MLM company that offers a variety of natural lifestyle and dietary products aimed to meet the demands of the busy consumer, ranging from appetite suppressing supplements to relaxant creams. It claims to be the first (and only) Japanese company to offer these products and become a worldwide name, and since its inclusion in 1975 made headlines for various reasons. Its structure is set up so that any consumer may sign up and sell their products, and like with any MLM company, consumers receive bigger benefits as they sell more products and increase referrals to their website. Unlike other MLM companies however, they also allow non-distributors to purchase their products for individual use. They currently sell a couple of dietary products aimed to control cravings and hunger, called Kenzen Crave Control and Kenzen Perfect Start Plus. A price could not be located for any of its products.

Whether you wish to start your own company or want to purchase individual Nikken products for personal use, it is important to learn how effective their products are — and since any thermogenic properties are not included in their dietary products, we will look into its other rumored dietary properties, such as suppressing the appetite or its usefulness as a meal replacement product.


Nikken indicates that its ingredients are only available if you are a distributor of Nikken’s products.

Product Features

Nikken’s main and only emphasis is on their claims to “eliminate appetite” while “suppressing cravings”. Both products they offer are aimed at these issues. Crave Control is intended to be a supplement, whereas Perfect Start Plus is marketed as a meal replacement, similar to Slimfast meal replacements. It is heavily marketed as naturally derived products but this cannot be confirmed due to the lack of information about the actual ingredients included. It is impossible to know if Nikken’s products work or don’t work due to a lack of information, and we do advise dieters that ingredient information is essential in the purchasing process.

Appetite suppressing products are an important part of the dieting process, although we do emphasize that purchasing products that promote thermogenesis is the best way to facilitate weight loss. Suppressing the appetite can also be done naturally with a variety of foods or other pills, and are usually included in other diet supplements as an add-on to other benefits, such as speeding up the metabolism and helping burn fat. We cannot say if Nikken’s products promote any of these processes, but they do offer products geared towards appetite suppression — we aren’t sure if these claims are legitimate, however. For a natural kick, it might be worth the perusal.

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  • Is produced by an “organics” company.
  • Offers products aimed towards appetite suppression.


  • Must be purchased through a Nikken distributor, even if you purchase this on an individual basis.
  • They do not list what specific ingredients are included in their products.
  • The price of these products is unknown.


With the rise of MLM companies comes the rise of natural dietary supplements, but mixing the two together does not necessarily indicate success. While its appetite suppressing products might interest the average dieter seeking short term support, it may not offer the type of support dieters seek with more complete supplements. A price range is not indicated either, and if you are on a budget, other products may offer more suitable benefits.

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