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The NIM Diet, or the Nutrition in Motion Diet, allows a dieter to choose a diet, choose a menu and have the menu delivered to their door. Meal replacement programs deliver premade meals to dieters who never have to worry about counting calories or fat grams. The unfortunate side of the NIM Diet is the fact that dieters must live in Canada before they can order the meal replacement program. This limits the number of dieters who can choose the NIM Diet as their meal replacement or delivery program. Orders are delivered to Toronto, Montreal and Ontario.

List of Ingredients

Meal replacement plans delivered to the dieter’s door in Canada.

Product Features

When you want to find the easiest way to count calories, meal replacement delivery is the ultimate option. Chefs prepare and cook meals ideal for a dieter and deliver those meals to their door as ordered. There is no need for calorie counting, fat counting or carbohydrate counting. The dieter simply eats the meals delivered and loses weight, but what happens after the dieter chooses to stop ordering the meal replacements? The dieter gains back the weight they have lost because they have no idea how to choose healthy ingredients and cook healthy, low calorie meals.

This is not a problem isolated to the NIM Diet. Dieters using any home delivery meal service will have the same problem. If the meals are portion-controlled and prepackaged, the dieter will never learn how to cook for themselves. The perfect solution is to teach the dieter how to choose the right ingredients and cook reduced calorie meals ideal for weight loss, but that is not what NIM Diet provides.

If a dieter wants to lose weight without the stress of cooking, the NIM Diet is ideal. Pay as little as $33.99 per day in the city of Toronto and $44.99 per day in Ontario and you never have to cook another meal to lose weight. This adds up to more than $1,200 per month, so the dieter needs to have quite the savings to order the NIM Diet.

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  • The NIM Diet allows Canadian dieters the chance to order food that fits into a reduced calorie diet.
  • Diets are low in calories and healthy.


  • The NIM Diet is only available to dieters in the United States.
  • Meal plans are limited to diet, vegetarian and maintenance.


Meal replacement delivery services like the NIM Diet are great for weight loss but terrible for teaching the dieter how to cook for weight loss. The delivered meal provides everything the dieter needs to lose more weight, but they never teach the dieter how to cook to reduce weight and stay slim.

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